Highly Strung Event Timetable 2019


Folk Feet Tuesday
Thursday Morning Dance Class

Monday evening Irish Set Dance classes and dances

It's Your Ceili Friday Dance Party


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Monday Evening Music Groups Falfield Village Hall

Tuesday evening Irish Group 

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Old Monday evening groups Star Inn


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Monday Evening Music Groups and Irish set dance group

Falfield Village Hall GL12 8DH, A38 off junction 14 M5 - 

very quick to get to from a wide area to the North and East of Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire.  10 minutes from M4/M5 interchange, 10 minutes from Thornbury.  The hall has its own large car park.

Music Class 5 per session - pay as you go

Beginners Music Group and Introduction to learning by ear - 5.00pm - 5.30pm

Beginners are those who are completely new to learning an instrument or may have just started playing within the last year or so.  If you like the idea of learning an instrument but are not sure how to proceed, just come along and sit in to see if you would like to join this group.  There is a page of tunes on this website that you will learn in this group - click here.  This group is also open to those joining the later group and will be useful for those wishing to start to play by ear.

Highly Strung Music Group - understanding the dance music genre - 5.30pm - 7.00pm

Members of this group should be familiar with their instrument and be able to play a simple tune.  There will be opportunity to play at different paces so everyone gets a good play.  Each week we will explore a new tune set and play through previous tune sets in the repertoire.  Please scroll down to the timetable to see a planned sets of tunes.

Music notation readers will be using music score and learn to bring out the dance rhythm of jigs, reels, rants, polkas, and hornpipes.  Non readers will be able to learn by ear and have the chance to pick up reading if they so wish.   
Music score is accessed via the A-Z tunes index on this website with the icon
(print out or download onto a device).    

A slow recording of each tune in the set is available via the A-Z tunes index and has the icon  

The class is suitable for all instruments.  If you require the score in another key please e mail http://mailto:jillyelliot@gmail.com  Woodwind and brass players may like to use the chord structure to play their own bass line.

Irish Set Dance classes 7.30pm - 9.30pm - 8 per session pay as you go  

Dance classes are suitable for complete beginners in Irish square dance known as Set Dance (not Riverdance) square sets of 4 couples.  Most people who come do not bring a partner - wear shoes that enable you to pivot easily without gripping the floor.  We will be learning the most commonly danced sets so this class is also useful for those who would like to become more familiar with the sequence of moves within these sets.   Ideal to de-stress - come and have a jig around and a laugh!  


To find out what to expect at a music group click here to take you to a new page.  You are welcome to just come along and see for yourself what a group is like if you are unsure - and all groups are available on a come when you can basis with no pre booking.
Click here to for complete beginners exercises for tunes  scroll down this page to see what we have been learning each week


Autumn Term 2020 - September - December


Beginners Group Tunes 
and Learn by Ear

Highly Strung Music Group
Learn to play English dance music using music score or by ear - all orchestral instruments

5 per session

5.00pm - 5.30pm - no booking necessary 

5.30pm-7.00pm 5 per person - no pre-booking

Spring Term 2020 starts on Monday 6th January

Monday 16th December   Round the group session choosing favourites
Monday 9th December Davy Davy Nick Nack Jig of Slurs Set
Monday 2nd December Astley's Ride Michael Turner's Waltz
Monday 25th November Winster Gallop A Fig for a Kiss Set
Monday 18th November Uncle Bernard's Banish Misfortune Set
Monday 11th November Alexandrine March Dashing White Sergeant Set
Monday 4th November Rogues March Black Nag Jack's Maggot Newcastle
Monday 28th October Rogues March Alexandrine March Set
Monday 21st October Alexandrine March Buttered Peas Set
Monday 14th October Auntie Mary's Canadian Barndance Aunty Mary's Barndance Set
Monday 7th October Buttered Peas La Russe Set
Monday 30th September High Caul Cap Smuggler's  All in a Garden Green
Monday 23rd September Davy Davy, Uncle Bernard's Gloucestershire Hornpipe Set

Levi Jackson Rag

Monday 18th September Alexandrine March (see Tunes A-Z Index for recording and fiddle tab) Stow Quickstep set
Monday 9th September Buttered Peas, Rakes of Mallow Starry Night for a Ramble Set
Monday 2nd September Uncle Bernards Set Uncle Bernard's Set


Summer Term 2019 - May - August


Beginners Group Tunes

Highly Strung Music Club

07515 904 707

5.00pm - 5.30pm - beginners group no booking necessary 5 per person

5.30pm-7.00pm 10 per person

Autumn Term 2019 starts on Monday 2nd September

Monday 26th August No Group - Bank Holiday No Group - Bank Holiday
Monday 19th August No Group No Group
Monday 12th August No Group  No Group 
Monday  5th August No Group - Sidmouth Week No Group - Sidmouth Week
Monday 29th July Buttered Peas plus play tunes from this term Tunes for Sidmouth
Monday 22nd July Buttered Peas Revision week for Highly Strung tune sets
Monday  15th July Revision, High Caul Cap 1st half Tourment set
Monday 8th July Astley's Ride set, Uncle Bernards, Buttered Peas Maison de Glaces
Monday  1st July Buttered Peas, Davy Davy Tip Top Polka
Monday  24th June Tip Top Polka Le Tourment
Monday  17th June Tip Top Polka Early in the Year
Monday 10th June Tip Top Polka Maison de Glace
Monday 3rd June Rakes of Mallow Old Morpeth Rant set
Monday 27th May No Group - Bank Holiday - Chippenham Festival No Group - Bank Holiday - Chippenham Festival
Monday 20th May Rakes of Mallow Hesleyside Reel
Monday 13th May Rakes of Mallow Hesleyside Reel, Nancy Taylor's 
Monday 6th May No Group - Bank Holiday No Group - Bank Holiday


Spring Term 2019 - January - April


Beginners Group Tunes

Highly Strung Music Club

07515 904 707

5.00pm - 5.30pm - beginners group no booking necessary 5 per person

5.30pm-7.00pm 10 per person
Monday 29th April Tip Top Polka Morpeth Rant
Monday 22nd April No Group - Easter Monday No Group - Easter Monday
Monday 15th April Uncle Bernard's, Astley's Ride Old Morpeth Rant
Monday 8th April Winster Gallop Old Morpeth Rant
Monday 1st April Winster Gallop Johnnie Cope am, Morpeth Rant
Monday 25th March Uncle Bernards, Davy Davy Nick Nack Miss Monaghan Irish Reel
Monday 18th March Uncle Bernards, Davy Davy Nick Nack Tip Top Polka
Monday 11th March Astley's Ride Aunty Mary's Canadian Barndance, Tip Top Polka
Monday 4th March Rochdale Coconut Dance Tip Top Polka
Monday 25th February Astley's Ride, Davy Davy Nick Nack Danse de Chez Nous
Monday 18th February  Uncle Bernards, Seven Stars Aunty Mary's Canadian Barndance, Athole Highlanders
Monday 11th February revision plus look at Seven Stars Seven Stars, Kelso Fiddle and Accordion
Monday 4th February revision of all 3 tunes this term - new tune Rochdale Coconut Dance Rochdale Coconut Dance
Monday 28th January Davy Davy Nick Nack G New Tune 1 Jan 2019
Monday 21st January Uncle Bernard's D, Astley's Ride D Astley's Ride