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Key to icons
slow  recording dots fiddle tab mandolin and 4 string banjo tab whistle fingering set of tunes at dance pace dots and chords for tune sets 

Aaron's Key


A Fig for a Kiss


a minor slide            
A Starry Night for a Ramble        
Air Tune            
Alexandrine March        
Alisdair J Sim            
Ali's Request no. 1 (See Maids of Castlebar)
Ali's Request no. 2 (See London Lasses)
Ali's Request no. 3 (See Boy in the Gap)
All in a Garden Green    

All in a Garden Green harmony    

All the Way To Galway


Another Jig Will Do


Alexander's Hornpipe

Allie's Reel          
Apples in Winter        
Arran Boat (The)    
Arrane Ny Niee  
Ashokan Farewell          

Astley's Ride


Atholl Highlanders      
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Bacca Pipes    


Ballydesmond Polka 1


Ballydesmond Polka 2


Ballydesmond Polka 3 

Banish Misfortune      
Bank of Turf          

Banshee (The)

Bantry Bay           a bit quicker

Barn Dance in G

Barn Dance in D      

Barney Bralligan's

Basquet of Oysters    
Bear Dance      

Bedbreaker in key of A        
Bedbreaker in key of G       
Bennachie Sunrise A        
Bennachie Sunrise D as in A one string down        
Bells of Tipperary            
Biddy the Bowl Wife        

Bill O'Sullivan's

Black Nag      
Black Nag - simplified         
Blackberry Quadrille  

Blackthorn Stick

Blarney Pilgrim      
Blooming Meadow        
Bluemont Waltz          
Bonny Breast Knot - Devon      
Bonny Kate

Boogie Reel            
Boscastle Breakdown G        
Bottom of the Punchbowl  
Boy in the Gap          

Boys of Ballisodare


Boys of Bluehill


Boys of Malin


Boys of the Town

Brighton Camp (Girl I Left Behind Me)  
Brigit's Waltz       in D  

Bring Back the Child

  very slow  
Britches full of Stitches      
Broken Pledge          
Brosna Slide      
Buffalo Girls D with Nelly Bly both in D and G  

Buffalo Girls G new set 2017    

Buttered Peas G   new set 2017

Buttered Peas D with Davy Davy Nick Nack 


Buttered Peas Too G    

Butterfly (The)        
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Cabin Hunter        
Caddam Wood

Caliope House    
Captain Lanoe's Quick March    
Captain White's      
Cat in the Corner        
Cat that Ate the Candle    
Centenary March          

Chapel Bell

Charles Lynch's Waltz        
Chief O'Neill's Favourite          
Clapton Carol   har  

Cleveland Park

Click go the Shears  
Click go the Shears in 16 bar set            

Cliffs of Moher

Cock of the North D  
Coleraine Jig            
Congress Reel    
Cook in the Kitchen          
Coolea Jig in A            
Coolea Jig            
Corn Rigs with White Cockade  
Corn Rigs new set 2017  
Crib of Perches          
Crooked Road to Dublin            
Cuckolds all a Row Key of G      
Cuckolds all a Row key of C      
Cuckoos Nest    
Cuil Aodha            
Cup of Tea    
Curley-Headed Ploughboy            
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Dalaigh's Polka      
Dan MacDonald's Polka      

Dashing White Sergeant

Davy Davy Nick Nack


Dawning of the Day        
Day the Ass Ran Away          
Denis Murphy's Slide    
Devil Among the Tailors          
Dick Gossip    
Dick Sherlock          

Dingle Regatta

Doon (The)          
Dorset Four Hand Reel            
Dorsetshire Hornpipe      
Drops of Brandy      
Drowsy Maggie    
Drunken Landlady            
Dublin Jig            
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Earl's Chair    


Eightsome Reel Set            
Enrico and harmony  
Exile of Erin      
Fairy Dance          
Fanny Power    
Farewell to Erin          
Farewell to Milltown        
Farrell O'Gara            
Father Kelly's            
Father O'Flynn          
Fermoy Lasses            
Fiery Clockface    


Finnish Polka    
Fisherman's Island        
Flat Water Fran          
Flogging Reel    
Flowers of Edinburgh  
Follow me up to Carlow    

Foula Reel            
Foxhunter's Jig      
Foxhunter's Reel          
Fred Finn's          
French Tune (Theme Valantaise)        
French Tune 2 (Mazurka Limousin)          
Frere Jacques      

Full Rigged Ship

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Galop Hey


Galop Hey (simplified)       
Galway Hornpipe            
Gander in the Pratie Hole    
Garret Barry's          
Gathering Peascods      
Geese in the Bog          
Gentle Maiden    
Gentle Maiden Harmony    
Geud Man of Ballingigh    
Girl I Left Behind Me (Brighton Camp)  
Give us a Drink of Water    
Glass of Beer    
Gloucestershire Hornpipe  
Gobbie O (The)        
Goddesses (em)          
Going to the Well for Water    
Golden Slippers      
Goodbye Girls    
Gordano Sunrise        
Grand Hornpipe            
Gravel Walks    
Green Cottage    
Green Grow the Rushes            

Wed group

Green Mountain Petronella        
Gullane Polka (Pete Cooper workshop - not group lessons version)    
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Hag at the Churn            
Hag with the Money          
Harper's Frolics

Harry Cox's Schottische    


Harvest Home      
Haste to the Wedding    
Health to the Ladies            
Hector the Hero            
Helston Floral Dance          
Henry's Jig    
High Caul Cap slower
High Reel          
Hogmanay Jig      
Horse's Bransle            
Hot Punch    


Humours of Bandon        
Humours of Glendart    
Humours of Enistymon      
Humours of Kill Clougher    
Hunter's Purse          
Idlewild D        
If there weren't any women....    
I'll Buy New Boots for Maggie            
Impish Hornpipe            
In the Toy Shop


Irish Girl            
Irish Stew    
Irish Washerwoman        
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Jack's Maggot    

Jackie Coleman's            
Jackson's Morning Brush- 32 bars            
Jenny Lind D new set 2017


Jerry's Beaver Hat            
Jessica's Polka    
Jig of Slurs      

Jimmy Allen G slower 

  first tune
(2nd tune Astley's Ride)
Jimmy Lyons      
Jimmy Ward's    
Joe Cooley's    
John Egan's Barn Dance          
John Stenson's    
Johnnie Cope        
Johnny will you marry me            
Judique Jig        

Julia Clifford's Hornpipe


Julia Delaney

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Kate Dalrymple          
Kathleeen Hehir's            
Keel Row        
Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club        

Kerry Polka

Kesh (The)


Killavil Reel

Killavil Jig/Fancy            
King of the Fairies    
Kit White's Square Eight    


Kitty Magee    
Kitty's Wedding            
Knocknagow Jig    
Knotted Cord    
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La Russe


Lad O'Beirne's Jig    
Lad O'Beirne's Reel        
Lads of Laois        
Lady Gordon's    

Lady in the Boat

Lady Mary Douglas        
Laird of Drumblaire            
Lakes of Sligo        
Langstrom's Pony            
Lannigan's Ball    
Lark in the Morning          
Last Train to Loughrae            
Leaving Lismore tune    
Leaving Lismore harmony line 1      
Leaving Lismore harmony line 2      
Liberty Bodice


Lilting Banshee

Lithuanian Dance Tunes:              
     Pjoviau Sienna          
Little Burnt Potato    

Little Diamond (Trevor's version)    
Little Diamond (as taught 26/8/15)        
London Lasses          
Londonderry Air        
Long Acre          
Longford Collector          
Louisburg Square  


Lucy Farr's Barndance            
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Madam Bonaparte        

Hibernia Group - just having learned the tune

Maggie in the Woods

Manx Lullaby - Arrance Ny Niee    
Maid at the Spinning Wheel          
Maid Behind the Bar        
Maids of Castlebar          
Maids of Mount Cisco            
Maids on the Green    
Maids of Ardragh          
Mairi's Wedding
Major Mackie's Jig    
Man in the Moon  
March of St. Timothy          
Margaret's Waltz        
Mary's Spinning Wheel      
Mason's Apron  
Matt Hayes' No 2            
Mayor Harrison's Fedora            
Mazurka Blanchard            
Mazurka de Barbary            
Mazurka Limousin    
Mealagh Valley Polka No 1 in D      
Mealagh Valley Polka no 2 in G        
Merry Blacksmith D    
Merrily Kissed the Quaker G        
Michael Turner's Waltz  
Michael Turner's Waltz -  (harmony)      
Midnight on the Water            
Miss Johnson          
Miss Margaret Hill's WaltzG          
Miss Margaret Hill's Waltz A            
Miss McLeod          

Miss Monaghan            
Monks March  

Month of May

Mooncoin Jig            
Morgan Rattler
Morning Dew            
Morning Sunrise        
Morpeth Rant      
Morrison's Jig    
Mountain Road    
Mullingar Races          
Musical Priest          
My Love is but a Lassie - Irish polka        
My Love is but a Lassie Yet - reel        
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Navvy on the Line  
Navvy on the line in 16 bar set            
Nell O'Sullivan's Slide    
Nelly Bly in D
Nelly Bly in G and in D with Buffalo Girls in D and G        
New Mown Meadow            
New Rigged Ship (Jig)  

New Rigged Ship (Shetland Tune)

New Copperplate            
Newmarket Polka          
News of the Victory        

Night Poor Larry was Stretched            


Noel Hill's            
Nonesuch D minor    

Nonesuch E minor          
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O'Carolan's Concerto          
O'Carolan's Draught          
Off She Goes

Off to California      
Off to California 16 bar set            
Officer's Polka    


Oh Suzannah in D
Oh Suzannah in G            

O'Keefe's no.1

Old Blackthorn    
Old Copperplate            
Old Favourite            
Old Grey Cat        
Old Hag You've Killed Me            
One More Dance and Then      
Oslo Waltz          
O'Carolan's Concerto          
O'Sullivan's March          
Oswestry Wake      
Oswestry Wake - key of D          
Otter's Holt    
Out on the Ice          


Out on the Ocean

Over the Moor to Maggie    
Oyster Girl new set 2017    

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Paddy Carey's  

Paddy Fahy's

Paddy O'Brien's             
Paddy Taylor's Jig          
Paddy the Gaffler

Tues group

Parson's Farewell        

Wed group

Peacock's Feather            
Percy Brown's Waltz for the Valeta        
Perfect Cure new set 2017  


Petronella D        

Petronella 2 G        

Puer Mon Cuer   arrangement
Phillibelula All the Way        

Pigeon on the Gate

Pipe on the Hob 2          
Pjoviau Siena          
Plane Tree    
Planxty Irwin    
Prelude Polka            
Pride of Petravore        
Priest in his Boots            

Proinnsais O'Maonaigh's


Providence Reel

Quaker (The)  

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Raggle Taggle Gypsies        
Raheen Reel            
Railway (The)  

Rakes of Kildare      

Rakes of Mallow

Rakish Paddy      
Rambling Pitchfork          
Rattlin' Bog          
Red Haired Boy        
Redowa Polka


Return to Camden Town          

Rights of Man            
Ripple on the Teign    
Road to Cashel        
Road to Lisdoonvarna (Reel)      
Road to Lisdoonvarna (Slide)      
Road to The Isles    

Rochdale Coconut Dance

Rocks of Bray        

Rocky Road to Dublin

Rodney's Glory            
Rogue's March    

Roise Bheag Roise Moire

Rolling in the Ryegrass    
Rose in the Garden            
Rose in the Heather    

Rosin the Beau

Roscommon Reel      
Roxburgh Castle key of G      
Roxburgh Castle key of A        

Rusty Gully

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Saddle the Pony    
Sailor's Bonnet          
Saint Anne's Reel            
Sally Sloane    
St. Patrick's Day            

Salmon Tails

Salute to Boston        
Scan Tester's No. 1    
Scan Tester's No.2    
Scarta Glen      
Scotland the Brave    

Sean Healey's Hornpipe

Sean Ryan's Polka          
Seamus McManus - Waltz          
Seaweed on a Yellow Cliff      
Sergeant Early's Dream      
Seven Stars

Si Bheag Si Mhor key of D      
Si Bheag Si Mhor key of G          
Shandon Bells            
Sheila Coyles            
Ships are Sailing        
Ship's Cook        
Silver Spear    
Silver Spire          
Siobhan Hurl's Slide/Taur Mor Slide            
Skye Boat Song Wed group            
Sleep Sound Ida Morning        
Sligo Maid          
Slockit Light      
Sloe (The)  

Smash the Windows

Smugglers Wedding Dance       

Smugglers Wedding Dance harmony      
Smugglers, Bedbreaker Set            
Snowy Path      
Soldier's Joy        
Sonny Broghan's Mazurka      
South Wind Waltz    
Spanish Cloak (also Munster Cloak)    


Spootiskerry G

Star of Munster          
Star of the County Down - waltz    
A Starry Night for a Ramble        
Staten Island    


Stingo a minor        
Stingo g minor        
Stirling Castle          
Stool of Repentance D        
Stow Quickstep  
Strike the Gay Harp          
Susan Cooper D      
Swallow's Tail Jig            
Swedish Masquerade            
Sweet Jenny Jones          

Sweets of May

Swiss Boy

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Take A Dance


Tam Lin     slower        
Tar Road To Sligo    
Tarantella Calabria

Tatter Jack Walsh

Teatotaller's Reel    
Teelin Petronella        
Tell Her I Am          
Tenpenny Bit    
That's Right Too            
There Came a Young Man        
Three Around Three  

Three Sea Captains        
Tickle Her Leg with the Barley Straw          
Tim Maloney's          
Tim's Kerry Pony          
Tip Top Polka (G and D)


Tolka Polka

Tues grp

Tom Bhetty's Waltz        


Tom Billy's          
Tom Tully's Hornpipe          
Toss the Feathers            
Tuarmore Polka 1            
Tuarmore Polka 2            
Tralee Gaol


Trip to Cullenstown            
Trip to Durrow    
Tripping Upstairs    
Triumph (The)            

Trumpet Hornpipe

Twin Sisters G        

Tythe Pig G      

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Uncle Bernard's in key of G


Uncle Bernard's in key of D     a bit quicker  
Uncle's Jig - Bob Cann    

Up Sligo            
Vine Tree    


Wakefield Hunt      
Walls of Liscarrol    
Walsh's Hornpipe            
Walter Bulwer's No. 1      
Walter Bulwer's No. 2      
Westport Chorus    
When Sick is it Tea You Want?      
Whiskey Before Breakfast          
White Cockade  
White Cockade new set 2017  
White Petticoat          
Whitehaven Volunteers        
Wild Rover          
Wind That Shakes the Barley    
Winster Gallop  

Wise Maid    
Woodland Frolics            
Woodland Flowers    


Woman of the House          
Wonder Hornpipe            
Yellow Rose of Texas    
Zeak Waltz      
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