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Class 1 Tuesday 9.30am 
Class 2 Thursday 10.00am 
Class 3 Thursday 11.00am 
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Folk Feet Tuesday
Thursday Morning Dance Class

Monday evening Irish Set Dance classes and dances

It's Your Ceili Friday Dance Party


Monday Morning Group

Monday Evening Music Groups Falfield Village Hall

Tuesday evening Irish Group 

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Old Monday evening groups Star Inn


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Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707


New Timetable and Classes from September 2020.

The normal timetable is suspended and in its place we have the following classes for which booking is essential.  Email Jill to book or ring for more details.  We observe strict social distancing, masks are worn and the halls are extremely well prepared with one way systems and sanitising stations.  All classes are 10 per session and paid via bank transfer only.  To find out more about each group, click on the appropriate link.  Please see Important Health and Safety rules.  It is still a lot of fun!!

Class 1 -Tuesday 9.30-11.30am intermediate group workshop at Folk Hall Portishead BS20 6PR  Question and Answer session followed by an hour session of tunes

Class 2 - Thursday 10.00am - 11.00am beginners fiddle group North Weston Village Hall BS20 6TB

Class 3 - Thursday 11.05am-12.30pm at North Weston Village Hall BS20 6TB - see timetable for each week's new tune.  

One to one fiddle lessons with Jill at Yew Tree Cottage - 20 per half hour

Zoom tune tutorial Mondays 4pm-5pm with Katie Kennedy

Zoom music session Wednesday hosted by Roland Godshaw

           Fortnightly Highly Strung Session at Pill Memorial Club, Lodway, Pill, BS20 0DH                    Fridays 10am-12 noon commencing Friday October 2nd - 3 per session

Welcome to a world of Traditional English, Irish and Scottish Music and Dance

Helping to keep our music and dance traditions alive since 1998




Jill Elliot Barn Dance Caller

Book A Barn Dance Band

Folk Feet Dance Class


Irish Square Set Dance Class 


Its' Your Ceili

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Group Lessons

Third Party References

Irish Set Dance and Barn Dance and Ceili Band 

Traditional dance music and folk music for all occasions, ages and venues.

Care Home Sing-Along 1900s

Presentations with live music and dancing


Getting started in playing an instrument:

Introductory Plan 

a one hour private lesson plus 4 group lessons plus a loan instrument for 4 weeks - 80

"Learning with Jill is great, as you're with like-minded people who just enjoy the music (including people who'd hitherto considered themselves 'unmusical'!).  Playing with beginners like myself at the weekly groups meant I was able to build confidence; playing with others without getting too precious about it.  We all make mistakes and we've all been beginners at some time.  Even the more advanced students are full of enthusiasm and know they're never too good to learn something new.
If you've been put off music before, this would be a great way to get into it, it's loads of fun."

Learn English, Irish and Scottish traditional dance music - and rather than sitting at home wondering why you are learning an instrument or tune, come and use your new-found skills and play with the Highly Strung Community Band at barn dances fetes, fundraising events and festivals!

Most melody instruments are suitable - violin, viola, cello, flute, recorder, whistle, tenor banjo, mandolin, octave mandolin, concertina, melodeon, accordion, clarinet, harp - if in doubt ring or e mail

For dancers there are weekly dances, regular ceilis, barn dances, and Irish set dance to attend 

Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com  01275 847909 or 07515 904 707

Where are the traditional dance music/ folk music lessons and group lessons held? - 2 venues:

Monday morning, Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening

Yew Tree Cottage,  Clapton in Gordano, BS20 7RH 


5 minutes from M5 junction 19 (Gordano Services and Portishead)

 10 minutes from M5 junction 20 (Clevedon) 

15 minutes from Clifton and the Cumberland Basin



Monday afternoon/evenings Falfield Village Hall, A38,  GL12 8DH

just off junction M5 junction 14 (Thornbury, Dursley and Wotton exit)


Where are the regular traditional country dance sessions held? - 3 venues:


Folk Feet is held weekly on Tuesday mornings at the Folk Hall in Portishead, BS20 6PR 


Folk Feet Thursday - Irish set Dance plus Country dance class - weekly on Thursday mornings, North 

Weston Village Hall, Portishead, BS20 6TB


Folk Feet Monday evenings - weekly workshops and dances - Irish set dancing - Falfield Village Hall, A38 (M5 J14)  



Plus lots of one-off events throughout the year.

When  does this all happen?

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Contact Jill to go on an e mail list for details of events - please specify music list,  dance list or both

Group Lessons and Highly Strung Band

In the main, the tunes we cover are the dance tunes from Ireland, England, and Scotland.  Tunes are taught  by ear by the traditional method.    In addition to learning by ear, the music, fiddle tablature, and whistle fingering is available in the beginners and intermediate groups as a learning aid. 

The dots and chords for the tune sets we play for the weekly and monthly dancing are on this website.  This enables those who can already read music to join in immediately with the Highly Strung Community Band.   

Go to Tunes A-Z index and click on the

So now you can learn an instrument and use what you have learned to practical use from day one!!

Playing traditional music is tremendous fun for all.  It is instantly accessible even in your first lesson as a complete beginner - but don't take my word for it - read what others have said by clicking on the links on the left - or better still,  come along and try for yourself!


Are you organising a celebration, social evening or fund-raising event?

Fundraising - Highly Strung Community Band 

Sarah Schranz from the Labrador Rescue Trust, caller Jill Elliot of the 'Highly Strung Band', Gemma Bradley organiser, Sheila Pratt from the Labrador Rescue Trust and Michelle Harvey fundraising for Crohn's and Colitis UK.

May 2015

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care home entertainment - Perfect Cure Band

 Amerind Grove, Bristol

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Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries


photo by courtesy of Chris Burch, The Somerset Photographer

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Perfect Cure Ceili Band

Irish Set Dancing

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Corporate Team Building Event 

Madejski Stadium


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Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com  01275 847909 or 07515 904 707