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Timetables and Tunes 2023
Tuesday 7pm Irish Class
Tunes for Irish Session Tuesday 8.00pm
Wednesday 5.30pm Beginners Class
Wednesday  6.30pm Improvers Class
Tunes for Steady Session Wednesday 8.00pm
A-Z Tunes  Substantial Resource of Recordings and Visual Aids
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Group Classes and Sessions for Irish, English and Scottish traditional dance music

Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707

All classes and sessions are currently simultaneously online via zoom and also in person at BS20 7RH 

Online via zoom - use this link:


Passcode: 545084

https://youtu.be/tPzFEmfW13Q   Main Film  
https://youtu.be/wZLHyEDqsv8  What People Say
https://youtu.be/E70usTV_DAc  How it Works  
Timetable 2024 - (use links in left hand column for detailed timetable)
Tuesday Evening Irish Tunes Class moderate pace 7.00pm-8.00pm - suitable for all instruments
Tuesday Evening Irish Session 8.00pm-9.15/9.30pm Irish
Wednesday Evening Beginners Class 5.30pm-6.30pm - Beginners basics and technique class for fiddle players
Wednesday Evening Steady learning pace Class 6.30pm-7.30pm - improvers class - all instruments - mixed English, Irish, Scottish 
Wednesday Evening Slow and Steady Session 8.00pm-9.00pm - all instruments - mixed English, Irish, Scottish 

Group "Classes" 

In person and via zoom at the same time.

Learn tunes and improve your technique -  any instrument not just the fiddle (violin)!!  - 10 per week - only pay or weeks you attend.    Pay 60 in advance for access to the A-Z of tunes and you will have paid for 6 classes.  Class sizes vary between 3 and 12.

Learn tunes in the traditional manner by ear, phrase by phrase.  This is by far the best way for a tune to stick in your head and you will start to appreciate your instrument and music in a better way. 


In person and via zoom at the same time.

Play English, Irish and Scottish Traditional dance tunes with recordings of our experienced Ceili Band - The Perfect Cure.  Ideal also for accompanists and percussion players to experiment without holding back.

Each attendee in turn chooses the tunes to play.   These sessions are a great way to pick up new tunes by ear and discover new tunes you would like to learn.  They encourage the discipline of playing at a consistent speed and rhythm.

Practice along with recordings and score for music readers using the A-Z of tunes:

A library of hundreds of tunes with solo fiddle recordings at slow learning pace, recordings to play along with the band plus music score, fiddle tab, mandolin tab and whistle fingering - the  subscription is 60 for 12 months.  The A-Z allows you to work on your own - no need to attend a group, whilst providing essential recordings for those learning in the classes.

New Enquiries - Email or ring Jill - or just turn up to a zoom class for a free trial.


All classes and sessions are suitable for melody instrument and accompanists. Percussion instruments are welcome too via zoom.  

On zoom you will be muted so you will only hear yourself and the solo fiddle or a recording of the band - so an opportunity to be free and more confident with your playing and inventive with harmony and variations.  You will not be heard by other participants and they won't hear you playing - unmute to ask a question!  You will quickly get to know the others in the group - there is always laughter!
Music is something you hear, feel, interpret and reproduce yourself on your instrument in your own unique way.   Music is not something you have to read in order to play a tune and it can even hinder the learning process.... and whether you prefer to read the "dots" or wish to learn by ear,  you can develop both these valuable skills by coming along to the music classes and sessions. 


A-Z of Tunes - Substantial Music Resource 

Over 700 tunes in an index that looks like this:

Single Tune on its own Tune in a Set with other tunes
slow  recording dots  fiddle tab mandolin and 4 string banjo tab whistle fingering set of tunes with various band combinations set of tunes with solo fiddle dots and chords for tune sets 
All in a Garden Green    

Pride of Petravore (Irish Hornpipes)  



Established in 1998, what an amazing journey we have had .... so many wonderful friendships have been forged - many hundreds of hours of music played, and new members welcomed every month to our classes.  Our magnificent Community Band - Highly Strung - has raised thousands of pounds for charity - and have a lot of fun in the process.

Since 2020 and technology enabling us to welcome those from far and wide to join us, the  journey from other parts of England, Europe, New Zealand, America and Canada is just a click away!


Jill Elliot Barn Dance Caller
Book A Band    The Perfect Cure Band  - Barn Dances for every occasion for private events.  Highly Strung for Community and Fundraising events.
Link to Highly Strung Facebook page - sharing happy memories with the Highly Strung Community Band 
Link to the new Highly Strung and Folk Feet Youtube channel - not much there yet - it's another project!