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Portishead Monthly Barn Dance Tunes 
November 2013

Officer's Polka/Kit White's Square Eight

Harper's Frolics/ Bonny Kate


Gathering Peascods

Swedish Masquerade

Hot Punch /Fiery Clockface


Smuggler's Wedding Dance

Jig of Slurs/Athole Highlanders

Alexander's Hornpipe/Gloucestershire Hornpipe


Aug/Sept/Oct 2013

A selection from tunes played from Feb - July

July 2013   


 La Russe/Caddam Wood

 Stow Quickstep/High Caul Cap

 Hot Punch/Fiery Clockface

 Vine Tree Waltz/Spanish Cloak

 Buttered Peas G/Jenny Lind/Buttered Peas G

 Morgan Rattler/Paddy Carey's

 Woodland Flowers/Uncles Jig

 Bacca Pipes/Harry Cox’s/Follow me up to Carlow  

 Tarentella / Liberty Bodice

 Tythe Pig - Tythe Pig

 Harper’s Frolics/Bonny Kate  


June 2013

 Morgan Rattler/Paddy Carey’s

 Officer’s Polka/Kit White’s Square Eight

 Seven Stars/Month of May

 Banish Misfortune D/Blooming Meadow G

 Off she goes/Nipper

 Tarentella / Liberty Bodice

 Cuckolds - Cuckolds

 Tythe Pig - Tythe Pig

 Harper’s Frolics/Bonny Kate

May 2013

Morgan Rattler/Paddy Carey's

Hot Punch/Fiery Clockface

Mazurka Blanchard/Mazurka Limousin (French tune 2!!)/Mazurka de Barbary

Cuckolds all in a Row

Keel Row/Road to the Isles

Waltz (Vine Tree)/Spanish Cloak (Munster Cloak)

Jenny Lind/Davy Davy Nick Nack

Nelly Bly D/Buffalo Girls D/Buffalo Girls G/Nelly Bly G


April 2013

Waltz (Vine Tree)/Spanish Cloak (Munster Cloak)

Officer's Polka/Kit White's Square Eight

Hot Punch/Fiery Clockface

March 2013

My love is but a lassie (polka)/Lakes of Sligo  

Woodland Flowers/Uncle's Jig

Brighton Camp/The Sloe

Rogues March/Captain Lanoe's Quick March


February 2013

Oswestry Wake

Bacca Pipes/Harry Cox’s/Follow me up to Carlow

Stow Quickstep/High Caul Cap

Tythe Pig

Louisberg Square/Railway

La Russe/Caddam Wood

Harpers Frolics/Bonny Kate

Portishead Monthly Barn Dance Tunes in sets
Specifc tunes for specific dances
Polkas - 32 bars
La Russe/Caddam Wood
Harper’s Frolics/Bonny Kate
In the Toy Shop/Swiss Boy Dashing White Sergeant/Bottom of the Punchbowl
All the way to Galway/Tralee Gaol
Officer's Polka/Kit White's Square 8 My Love is But a Lassie Yet/Athole Highlanders
Uncle Bernard’s/Tip Top Polka My Love is But a lassie Yet/ Duke of Perth /British Grenadiers/Donkey Riding
Salmon Tails G/Kerry Polka (Peg Ryan's) D
Scan Tester’s  1 and 2 Cock of the North D/Mairie’s Wedding G/ Scotland the Brave G
My love is but a lassie/Lakes of Sligo 
Brighton Camp/The Sloe Galop Hey/Redowa Polka
Jenny Lind/Davy Davy Nick Nack
All the way to Galway/Tralee Gaol
Reels - 32 bars 
Buttered Peas G/Jenny Lind D
Grandfather’s Clock G / Titanic D
Jimmy Allen/Winster Gallop Swedish Masquerade G
Stow Quickstep D/High Caul Cap D
Nelly Bly D/Buffalo Girls D/ Buffalo Girls  G/Nelly Bly G Galopede G
Golden Slippers G/Marching Through Georgia G
Turkey in the Straw G/Polly Wolly Doodle G Black Nag
Campdown Ladies G/Oh Suzannah G/Lisa Jane G
Monks March G/Lichfield Bower Processional G/One more dance and then G Ship's Cook
Jigs – 32 bars Tythe Pig
Nipper/Off She Goes New Playford Tune (probably - Not yet on site)
Oyster Girl/Perfect Cure
Seven Stars/Month of May
Woodland Flowers / Uncle's Jig
Blaydon Races/Nelly the Elephant
Hot Punch/Fiery Clockface
Cock of the North/100 Pipers
Louisberg Square/The Railway
Rosin the Beau/New Rigged Ship
Rogues March/Captain Lanoe's Quick March
48 bars – jigs Waltzes
Tarentella Calabria/Liberty Bodice Michael Turners G/Charles Lynch's G
Sweets of May/Dingle Regatta Vine Tree Waltz  G/Spanish Cloak G
Morgan Rattler/Paddy Carey’s
Banish Misfortune D/Humours of Enistymon G Mazurka Blanchard/Mazurka Limousin (French tune 2!!)/Mazurka de Barbary
Bacca Pipes G/Harry Cox's G/Fooolw me up to Carlow G
Paddy McGinty's Goat D/Waltzing Matilda G/Click go the Shears G Keel Row G/Phillibelula all the way D/Road to the Isles G
Bantry Bay /Faeries 
Harvest Home D/Off to California G
Tune Key Tune Type Tune Key Tune Type Tune Key Tune Type
Astley’s Ride D English Reel Buffalo Girls D D American Reel Bottom of the Punchbowl D Scottish Reel
Babes in the Wood   English Reel Buffalo Girls G G American Reel Caddam Wood G Scottish Reel
Boscastle Breakdown   English Reel Goodbye Girls G American Reel Dashing White Sergeant D Scottish Reel
Davy, Davy, Nick Nack G English Reel Log Cabin G American Reel Donkey Riding G Scottish Reel
Galopede G English Reel Nelly Bly D D American Reel Duke of Perth G Scottish Reel
Grandfather's Clock G English Reel Nelly Bly G G American Reel Flowers of Edinburgh G Scottish Reel
High Caul Cap D English Reel Oh Suzannah D or G American Reel La Russe G/D Scottish Reel
In the Toy Shop G English Reel Soldier's Joy D American Reel My love is but a lassie yet D Scottish Reel
Jimmy Allen G English Reel Titanic D American Reel Spootiskerry G Scottish Reel
Rochdale Coconut Dance e English Reel            
Winster Gallop G English Reel            
32 Bar Jigs                
Captain Lanoe's Quick March G English Jig Blackthorn Stick G Irish Jig Cock of the North G Scottish Jig
Lady in the Boat D English Jig Dingle Regatta G Irish jig Gobbie O a Scottish Jig
Louisberg Square G/D English Jig Eavesdropper G Irish Jig Jig of Slurs A Scottish Jig
Month of May G English Jig Finnish Polka b Irish jig
New Rigged Ship D English Jig Haste to the Wedding D Irish Jig      
Nipper G English Jig Humours of Glendart D Irish Jig      
Off She Goes D English Jig Jimmy Wards G Irish Jig      
Oyster Girl G English Jig Kesh G Irish Jig      
Perfect Cure D English Jig Lilting Banshee e Irish Jig      
Railway G English Jig Rakes of Kildare e Irish Jig      
Seven Stars D English Jig Rosin the Beau G Irish jig      
Stow Quickstep D English Jig Saddle the Pony G Irish Jig      
Uncle Jim’s Barndance G English Jig Sweets of May G Irish jig      
Up the sides……. G English Jig      
48 Bar Dances                
Liberty Bodice G English Jig Banish Misfortune D Irish Jig Galop Hey G English Polka
Oswestry Wake G English Jig Cook in the Kitchen   Irish Jig Redowa Polka G English Polka
Tarentella G English Jig Morgan Rattler D Irish Jig      
      Paddy Carey's G Irish Jig      
Bonny Kate G English Polka All the way to Galway D Irish Polka      
Brighton Camp (Girl I Left) G English Polka Ballydesmond Polka 2   Irish Polka      
Buttered Peas D or G English Polka Ballydesmond Polka3   Irish Polka      
East is East   English Polka Britches full of Stitches A Irish Polka      
General Monk's March G English Polka Dalaigh's Polka a Irish Polka      
Harper’s Frolics D English Polka Dan Macdonald's  D Irish Polka      
Jenny Lind D/G English Polka Gullane Polka D Irish Polka      
Lichfield Bower Processional G English Polka Kerry Polka (Peg Ryan's)  D Irish Polka      
One more dance and then G English Polka Lakes of Sligo D Irish Polka      
Rakes of Mallow G English Polka Maggie in the Woods G Irish Polka      
Salmon Tails G English Polka Maids of Ardagh D Irish Polka      
Scan Tester’s No 1 G English Polka Mealagh Valley Polka 1 D Irish Polka      
Scan Tester’s No 2 G English Polka Mealagh Valley Polka 2 G Irish Polka      
Sloe D English Polka My love is but a lassie  G Irish Polka      
Swiss Boy D English Polka Sean Ryan's Polka D Irish Polka      
Tip Top Polka G English Polka Taur Mor Polka 1 D Irish Polka      
Uncle Bernard’s G English Polka Taur Mor Polka 2 D Irish Polka      
Woodland Flowers G English Polka Tralee Gaol b Irish Polka      
Hornpipes     Schottisches     Non Dance Tunes    
Alexander's Hornpipe D Hornpipe Bacca Pipes a Schottische Dawning of the Day D Non dance
Boys of Bluehill D Hornpipe Click Go the Shears D or G Schottische Leaving Lismore G Non- dance
Gloucestershire Hornpipe G Hornpipe Enrico D Schottische Laride e Non-dance 
Harvest Home D Hornpipe Follow me up to Carlow a Schottische Puer Mon Cuer   Non-dance 
Julia Clifford's Hornpipe a Hornpipe Harry Cox's Schottische G Schottische Skye Boat Song G Non-dance 
Phillibelula all the way D Hornpipe Johnny will you marry me G Schottische Slockit Light D Non-dance 
Sean Healey's Hornpipe D Hornpipe Keel Row G Schottische Theme Vanitaise e Non-dance 
Off to California G Hornpipe Paddy McGinty’s Goat D or G Schottische      
      Walzing Matilda D or G Schottische      
      Road to the Isles G Scottische      
Marches     Mazurkas          
British Grenadiers G March Mazurka Blanchard G Mazurka      
Mairi's Wedding G March Mazurka de Barbary D Mazurka      
O'Sullivan's March G March Mazurka Limousin e Mazurka      
Scotland the Brave G March