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It's Your Ceilidh 2012

Sunday March 25th 3.00pm-6.00pm - doors open at 2.45 

Elmgrove Centre, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6AH

3 per person in advance, 5 on the door

please bring a plate of sandwiches, cake or finger food to share 

we'll provide tea, coffee, and squash - and a couple of the famous homemade cakes

(sorry we can't do all the catering this year!)


For tickets or if you have any queries, please e mail jill@fiddlelessons.co.uk  

or ring 01275 847909

The event is yours! ............ a family-friendly barn dance/ceilidh 

play some tunes, dance or do a bit of both ...........

followed by a bring and share tea party (we will provide the tea/coffee/squash and a couple of cakes)

Bring friends and family and others upon whom you wish to inflict a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!

For photos of previous years please click here.

Entry is by ticket 3 in advance or pay on the door 5 

but please note that unlike previous years, please bring some finger food for the communal sharing table.

If you would like to come along please e mail jill@fiddlelessons.co.uk or telephone 01275 847909



Tune Sets 2012

Winster Gallop G x 3/High Caul Cap D  

Tarantella Calabria G x 3/Liberty Bodice G  

La Russe G x 4/Caddam Wood G  

16 bars - Keel Row G x 6/Road to the Isles D         

Dashing White Sergeant D x 3 /Bottom of the Punchbowl D  

Nipper G x 3/Off She Goes D  

Dan Macs D x 3/Maggie in the Woods G x 3/Britches A  

          All the Way to Galway D x 3/Tralee Gaol e  

Buttered Peas G x 4/Jenny Lind D  

Stow Quickstep D/A x 2/Perfect Cure D x 2/Oyster Girl G x 2      

Please see Tunes A- Z Index for music, dots, fiddle tab, mandolin and banjo tab and whistle fingering.


The tunes can be printed off, or if you would like a set of copies, they are 5 each