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Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707

Hi Jill - my testimonial - and I mean every word!.

Mid fifties, can't read music, no musical background but had a yearning to learn to play the fiddle! Very luckily found Jill's website and I just wish I'd found it sooner. I now join in the Wednesday night groups and it is such a friendly and fun night. I go home with a smile. Jill is enthusiastic and encouraging and I just love it! Playing with such a lovely bunch of people and listening to them play is so inspiring. Fiddles, mandolins, harps, flutes all playing together it's just amazing!  I never thought I would be able to join in but I can now! Definitely a night I always look forward to.

Hi Jill,

Just thought I'd let you know I'm really pleased I allowed Jill S to persuade me to come along! I didn't need any persuasion to come to the music group. You are an excellent teacher, and I love the way you encourage us all to be what we'd like to become.- I think you're a bit of a visionary.  It's such a positive experience, and I know I've improved! 

Sal - accordion and whistle player

"Having been inspired, by my children learning instruments, to start playing the violin again after a twenty year gap, phoning Jill and booking a lesson three years ago was one of the best things I've ever done.

Jill is a fantastic teacher. Her enthusiasm for the music is infectious. The groups are friendly and welcoming and lessons are relaxed and fun."

Clinical Scientist

Jill is a lovely teacher who inspires you to want to play lilting Irish music. She helps the learner to achieve a huge amount in a very short time because of her wonderful teaching skills and her infectious enthusiasm.

Wendy Sergeant - professional singer 

Note from Jill - Wendy runs fantastic community choirs in Portishead and Clevedon so if you prefer singing to playing an instrument - get in touch with Wendy - 01275 814220 

"Playing the violin is a dream come true for me, it's been easy to get started playing tunes straight away. Lessons with Jill are fun!"


Having never played a musical instrument in my life, I came to you as a novice. The level I have attained at present (playing fiddle) I would not have reached without you. After retirement from my previous occupation (as a fire fighter) it has been a real pleasure to attend the Wednesday group meeting people from all different backgrounds. The session always leave me feeling stimulated with a sense of well being.  Thank you for your time, your patience and understanding and thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. Most of all thank you for sharing your wonderful musical knowledge with the group. 



I'd reached 40 and thought "I want to do something different". I'd played the piano as a child and more recently tried to play the guitar with no success. 

I then thought about the fiddle and came across your website -after a few individual lessons I started to come to your Wednesday evening session, that was 18 months ago and yesterday I played with you and many others at the Marlens Festival in Clevedon, in front of a crowd! Something I would never have dreamed of doing. 

I've met and got to know some lovely people from all walks of life and you are so patient and enthusiastic with your teaching - a real inspiration. 

Thank you Jill.

Esther,Claims Assessor

I'd say the groups are a great way of de-stressing in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere whilst achieving something positive. - Vic

' don't let age be a barrier, - I didn't start playing until my mid-forties, learning the fiddle is great therapy (better than Prozac!). Jill is inspirational in her enthusiasm for the music and her encouragement and best of all it's FUN........' 

Ali - Nurse.

Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com  07515 904 707