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Thursday 11am Zoom and In Person Irish Class 11.00am - 12 noon

Zoom Link Below (you will be able to join 10 minutes before the class starts)


Passcode: 545084

Click here to go straight to the timetable
Contact Jill Elliot jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707
This class is suitable for all melody instruments and particularly for fiddles.  We learn and play at a medium/faster medium pace - come along for a complimentary trial by clicking the zoom link above, to see if it suits you - there are other groups that may be more suitable.  Participants are muted when playing.  Questions are encouraged and participants look forward to meeting each other weekly.

Sessions are for playing the tunes we have been learning.  The Session for this group is on Tuesday evening at 8.15pm.  Everyone is muted except the leader, allowing melody players to play confidently without fear of putting another group member off track.  Guitarists, piano players and percussionists get the chance to experiment with different chords and styles.   This is a great opportunity to play Irish tunes with an experienced fiddle player and Irish Ceili band, The Perfect Cure.  For a list of tunes played at the session, go to the left column, scroll down to "Dates, times and tunes for Sessions" and underneath that, click the link for Irish Session Tuesday 8.15pm.

11.00am-12.00 noon - learn a new tune/revise previous week's tune and play recently learned tunes

The fee for the morning is 10 

Your 10 fee covers you for any other group or session for the whole week and the most suitable session for this group is Tuesday  at 8.15pm.  Pay as you go and only for weeks attended.

New from June 2021 - dual zoom and in person format - zoom in as usual, or book onto the in person group - Covid safe guidelines are followed - email jillyelliot@gmail.com for the procedures and health and safety rules for in person attendance in Clapton in Gordano in North Somerset


For tunes we have covered during terms from September 2020, scroll down this page.

For tunes covered prior to September 2020, see links in contents strip, far left column on dark background under the heading Music Classes Archive.

To access the A-Z Tunes Resource with all links to recordings and music, click here, then enter your password and username 


Summer Term  2021 - May - August



Sunday 2nd May Highly Strung Start the Summer Party 2pm-4pm via zoom from Yew Tree Cottage.  
Thursday 6th May New Tune: Kid on the Mountain - first 3 parts.  Also played Maid Behind the Bar
Thursday 13th May Kid on the Mountain revised first 3 parts and add new parts 4 and 5. Played through Raheen Set at 88bpm.  Joe Cooley's with bowing and ornamentation.
Thursday 20th May Learn Maid Behind the Bar - also played Raheen, Old Copperplate, Wind that Shakes the Barley
Thursday 27th May Learn Old Copperplate
Thursday 3rd June Learn Wind that Shakes the Barley and revision of Old Copperplate.
Thursday 10th June  Musical Priest
Thursday 17th June Bucks of Oranmore parts 1,2 and 3
Thursday 24th June Revise parts 1-3 of Bucks of Oranmore and learn parts 4 and 5.
Thursday 1st July Bucks of Oranmore - all of it in one go!!
Thursday 8th July Maids of Mount Kisco 1st and 2nd parts
Thursday 15th July Maids of Mount Kisco 3rd part - revise 1st and 2nd parts
Thursday 22nd July Pipe on the Hob, revised 1st half Boogie Reel
Thursday 29th July Revise Boogie Reel
Thursday 5th August  
Thursday 12th August  
Thursday 19th August  
Thursday 26th August  


Spring Term  2021 - Thursdays - January - April 2021



Thursday 7th January Raheen Reel
Thursday 14th January Trip to Cullenstown
Thursday 21st January (The) Raheen
Thursday 28th January Joe Cooley's Reel
Thursday 4th February Controversial Reel
Thursday 11th February  Master Mc Dermott
Thursday 18th February Boogie Reel
Thursday 25th February Play sets of tunes covered recently.  Boogie Reel Set, Raheen Set, Roscommon Set.
Thursday 4th March Humours of Ballyconnell
Thursday 11th March Flogging Reel
Thursday 18th March Revise Flogging Reel and Humours of Ballyconnell
Thursday 25th March Revise bowing technique for Humours of Ballyconnell, Flogging Reel 
Thursday 1st April Revise bowing technique for Roscommon, Maude Miller, Sailor on the Rocks
Thursday 8th April Revise Joe Cooley's Reel with bowing suggestions.  Final comfortable speed for group 65bpm
Thursday 15th April Revise Trip to Cullenstown with bowing suggestions and play Joe Cooley's and Roscommon Set starting at 65bpm
Thursday 22nd April Revise Sailor on the Rock, play the Kesh as a session tune, play Humours of Ballyconnell Set 65 bpm
Thursday 29th April New Tune - Morrison's Jig.  Revise Flogging Reel - Play Humours of Ballyconnell and Flogging Reel 


Autumn Term  2020 - Thursdays - September - December



3rd September - 11.05am-12.30pm  No Group
10th September - 11.05am-12.30pm  Polkas - how to swing a polka! - and playing Mealagh Valley Polka in D - listen to the recording on the A-Z index so you are familiar with the tune.  If you know any polkas already we can work on those too to play in an authentic Cork/Kerry style.
17th September - 11.05am-12.30pm  Aaron's Key - learn this jig by ear - the recording is on the website 
24th September - 11.05am-12.30pm  Blackthorn Stick - continuing the theme of Irish Jigs
1st October - 11.05am-12.30pm  Lark in the Morning - another Irish Jig
8th October - 11.05am-12.30pm  Irish reel - Rakish Paddy
15th October  No group this week
22nd October - 11.05am-12.30pm  Roscommon, Maude Miller, Sailor on the Rocks - Irish Reels
29th October No Group this week
Saturday 31st October 2pm-3pm Join Maggie Daniel and the Perfect Cure Ceili Band for our Halloween Ceili - Click here for dances to be called with instructions and a list of tunes for musicians to join in too.
5th  November - 11.05am-12.30pm  Jig rhythm and bowing - Haunted House
12th November - zoom 11.30am Reels- swing rhythm and bowing - Roscommon, Maude Miller and Sailor on the Rocks
19th November - zoom 11.30am Reels - swing rhythm and bowing - Roscommon, Maude Miller and Sailor on the Rocks
26th November - zoom 11.30am Roscommon, Maude Miller 
3rd  December - zoom 11am Roscommon, Maude Miller 
10th December - zoom 11am  Roscommon, Maude Miller, Sailor on the Rocks
17th December - zoom 11am Roscommon, Maude Miller, Sailor on the Rocks
Wednesday 23rd December 1.45pm Highly Strung and Folk Feet Christmas Party 1.45pm - dancing and playing starts at 2pm - 3pm chatting to finish around 3.15pm - email Jill jillyelliot@gmail.com for the programme