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Tuesday Morning Zoom and In Person Class from 9.30am and Session from 10.45am

Zoom Link Below (you will be able to join 10 minutes before the class starts)


Passcode: 545084

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Contact Jill Elliot jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707
The class is suitable for all melody instruments - learn tunes and improve technique.  The pace is medium - come along for a complimentary trial by clicking the zoom link above, to see if it suits you - there are other groups that may be more suitable.  Participants are muted when playing.  Questions are encouraged and participants look forward to meeting each other weekly.

Sessions are for playing tunes.  Everyone is muted except the leader, allowing melody players to play confidently without fear of putting another group member off track!  Guitarists, piano players and percussionists get the chance to experiment with different chords and styles.   This is a great opportunity to play tunes with an experienced fiddle player and ceili band.

9.30am-10.30am - learn a new tune/revise previous week's tune - all tunes are on the A-Z Tunes - Recordings and Visual Aids 

10.45am-11.45am - session of tunes - play along with the band - each person in the group chooses a tune or set of tunes.  Click here for the tunes list for this session

Your 10 fee covers you for any other group or session for the whole week.   Pay as you go and only for weeks attended.

New from June 2021 - dual zoom and in person format - zoom in as usual, or book onto the in person group - Covid safe guidelines are followed - email jillyelliot@gmail.com for the procedures and health and safety rules for in person attendance in Clapton in Gordano in North Somerset

For tunes we have covered during terms from September 2020, scroll down this page.

For tunes covered prior to September 2020, see links in contents strip, far left column on dark background under the heading Music Classes Archive.

To access the A-Z Tunes Resource with all links to recordings and music, click here, then enter your password and username 


Summer Term 2021 - May - August



Sunday 2nd May Highly Strung Start the Summer Party 2pm-4pm via zoom from Yew Tree Cottage.  
Tuesday 4th May Far From Home, Minstrel's Fancy - understanding the rhythm and lift for this type of tune  
Tuesday 11th May Drops of Brandy - slip jig
Tuesday 18th May Foxhunters - slip jig
Tuesday 25th May Flat Water Fran - we will learn it first in the key G.  Once you know the tune should be easy to play in A.  It will be played at the morning assembly on Thursday 3rd June.  There is a recording is on the A-Z Tunes - play twice in G and once in A.
Tuesday 1st June A Fig for a Kiss - slip jig - play the set of tunes and make sure we know Flat Water Fran in G and A
Tuesday 8th June New Tunes Calliope House,  Blackthorn Stick - revise slip jig set and Flatwater Fran in G and A
Tuesday 15th June Revise Blackthorn Stick and Calliope House.  New tune Major Mackie's Jig and make a start on Ripple on the Teign 
Tuesday 22nd June Revise Major Mackie and Ripple on the Teign.  New Tune Leaving Lismore Harmony Part 1
Tuesday 29th June  Harmony Part 1 Leaving Lismore
Dual Zoom/Room Class and Session until further notice.  Please email to book a place if you are coming in person. 
Tuesday 6th July Revision session - max 6 if indoors 
Tuesday 13th July New Tunes - Railway, Louisburg Square
Tuesday 20th July New Tune - King of the Fairies.  Revise tunes learned on 13th July and 22nd June
Tuesday 27th July New Tune - Wakefield Hunt, played King of the Fairies, Louisburg Square, The Railway
Tuesday 3rd August Revision session - please select a tune from the list "Tunes for Tuesday Morning Session" accessed via the link in the left-hand contents column.
Tuesday 10th August  
Tuesday 17th August  
Tuesday 24th August  
Tuesday 31st August  

Autumn Term September-December 2021 - scroll down for previous terms and see the archive for previous years.


Spring Term 2021 - January - April



Tuesday 5th January Crown Point Cottage 
Tuesday 12th January Revised Irish Jigs Set - Mc Hugh's, House in the Glen, (The) Legacy 
Tuesday 19th January Learned Petronella.  Revised Kelso Accordion and Fiddle, Auld Brig O'Kelso, Crown Point Cottage 
Tuesday 26th January Hogmanay Jig (it was Burns night yesterday!)
Tuesday 2nd February Tich's Reel
Tuesday 9th February Lady Mary Douglas,Three Sea Captains
Tuesday 16th February Redowa Polka
Tuesday 23rd February Learn/Revise one or two of the following tunes:  Old Morpeth Rant, Morpeth Rant, Hesleyside Reel - please let me know your choices
Tuesday 2nd March  Jig of Slurs and/or Athole Highlanders if we have time (in the session we will play Sweet Jenny Jones as it was St. David's Day yesterday)

10.45 session warm up tunes

Pride of Petravore, Far From Home, Minstrel's Fancy
Tuesday 9th March Learn/Revise one or two of the following tunes: Aunty Mary's Canadian Barndance, Cotillion Des Dames, Danse de Chez Nous - please let me know your choices
Tuesday 16th March Learn Woodland Flowers

10.45 session warm up tunes

Ned O'Connor set (St. Patrick's Day tomorrow)
Tuesday 23rd March Learn Uncle's Jig to go with Woodland Flowers
Tuesday 30th March Out on the Ocean
Tuesday 6th April new tune - Plane Tree, revise Danse de Chez Nous
Tuesday 13th April Rose in the Heather and revise Out on the Ocean and Plane Tree, concentrating on getting the jig rhythm.
Tuesday 20th April McHugh's set - working on increasing your speed so please make sure you know the tunes well !  We started at 80 bpm and finished at 108bpm
Tuesday 27th April Tich's Reel, Pride of Petravore set - playing more fluently


Autumn Term 2020 - September - December



Tuesday 8th September All in a Garden Green and Harmony
Tuesday 15th September Learn at home this week's warm up tune Harvest Home.  In the class we learned Gentle Maiden  and the harmony 
Tuesday 22nd September New tune we will learn by ear High Reel - Irish reel - 
Tuesday 29th September New tune - Alisdair J Sim - (Willie Taylor)
Tuesday 6th October New Tune - this time from Somerset - Henry Cave's Hornpipe as passed on by John Dipper summer 2006 - for traditional English music search for Chris Wood, Andy Cutting, Rob Harbron.
Tuesday 13th October Julia Delaney - Irish Reel 
Tuesday 20th October 2nd half Julia Delaney.  New tune to learn by ear at the group Old Joe's Jig - Irish Jig
Tuesday 27th October Pride of Petravore (Eileen Og), An Comhra Don - two of the tunes to be played at the virtual ceili on Saturday 
Saturday 31st October  Join Maggie Daniel and the Perfect Cure Ceili Band for our Halloween Ceili - Click here for dances to be called with instructions and a list of tunes for musicians to join in too.
Tuesday 3rd November Ned O'Connor, Prowling Fox (Irish Polkas)
Tuesday 10th November New Tune Mc Hugh's (Irish Jig), House in the Glen (Irish Jig)
Tuesday 17th November Captain Bing (polka), Green Castle (hornpipe)
Tuesday 24th November Legacy (Irish jig)
Tuesday 1st December A new tune to follow Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club - the Auld Brig O'Kelso which was introduced via video link by Bob Liddle who wrote these tunes.   Ding Dong Bell
Tuesday 8th December Joe Banes Schottische, Revise Green Castle, Play Ding Dong Bell
Tuesday 15th December Far From Home, play through tunes for Christmas Party
Tuesday 22nd December Minstrel's Fancy
Wednesday 23rd December Highly Strung and Folk Feet Christmas Party 1.45pm - dancing and playing starts at 2pm - 3pm chatting to finish around 3.15pm - email Jill jillyelliot@gmail.com for the programme