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Tuesday Morning Class from 9.30am 
This classes is suitable for all melody instruments. We learn and play at a medium pace.  All participants are muted except for questions.  

Sessions are particularly useful.  Everyone is muted except the leader, giving accompanists a chance to experiment and allowing melody players to try some variation or harmony without fear of putting another group member off track, .

We are currently operating via Zoom - distance no object - join from anywhere!

We are operating via Zoom from November 2020

Please e mail Jill jillyelliot@gmail.com for the link - it is the same each week for any class or session - please arrive  5-10 minutes early

9.30am-10.30am - learn a new tune/revise previous week's tune

10.45am-11.45am - session of tunes we have been learning with Jill leading.

The fee for the whole morning is 10 - or if you just want to join for the session, it is 5 

Your 10 fee covers you for any other group or session for the whole week.


In the session choose a tune from the Highly Strung Band favourites and new tunes we are learning.  Play along with Jill and take the opportunity to add your own harmony parts or variation without feeling the constraints of playing live in a group


Spring Term 2021 - January - April



Tuesday 5th January Crown Point Cottage 
Tuesday 12th January Revised Irish Jigs Set - Mc Hugh's, House in the Glen, (The) Legacy 
Tuesday 19th January Learned Petronella.  Revised Kelso Accordion and Fiddle, Auld Brig O'Kelso, Crown Point Cottage 
Tuesday 26th January Hogmanay Jig (it was Burns night yesterday!)
Tuesday 2nd February Tich's Reel
Tuesday 9th February Lady Mary Douglas,Three Sea Captains
Tuesday 16th February Redowa Polka
Tuesday 23rd February Learn/Revise one or two of the following tunes:  Old Morpeth Rant, Morpeth Rant, Hesleyside Reel - please let me know your choices
Tuesday 2nd March 9.30-10.30 Jig of Slurs and/or Athole Highlanders if we have time (in the session we will play Sweet Jenny Jones as it was St. David's Day yesterday)

10.45 session warm up tunes

Pride of Petravore, Far From Home, Minstrel's Fancy
Tuesday 9th March Learn/Revise one or two of the following tunes: Aunty Mary's Canadian Barndance, Cotillion Des Dames, Danse de Chez Nous - please let me know your choices
Tuesday 16th March Learn Woodland Flowers

10.45 session warm up tunes

Le Tourment, Maison de Glaces, Early in the Year
Tuesday 23rd March Learn Out on the Ocean and if time, the Plane Tree

10.45 session warm up tunes

Kelso Accordion, Auld Brig, Crown Point Cottage
Tuesday 30th March Learn/Revise Pearl Wedding and if time Nancy Taylor's Reel
Tuesday 6th April Learn/Revise one or two of the following tunes:  Three Sea Captains, Lady Mary Douglas, News of the Victory - please let me know your choices

10.45 session warm up tunes

Ned O'Connor, Prowling Fox, Captain Bing
Tuesday 13th April Learn/Revise one or two of the following tunes: An Comhra Don, Green Castle, Joe Banes Schottische
Tuesday 20th April Galop Hey and revise Redowa Polka
Tuesday 27th April Petronella and revise Galopede


Autumn Term 2020 - September - December



Tuesday 8th September All in a Garden Green and Harmony
Tuesday 15th September Learn at home this week's warm up tune Harvest Home.  In the class we learned Gentle Maiden  and the harmony 
Tuesday 22nd September New tune we will learn by ear High Reel - Irish reel - 
Tuesday 29th September New tune - Alisdair J Sim - (Willie Taylor)
Tuesday 6th October New Tune - this time from Somerset - Henry Cave's Hornpipe as passed on by John Dipper summer 2006 - for traditional English music search for Chris Wood, Andy Cutting, Rob Harbron.
Tuesday 13th October Julia Delaney - Irish Reel 
Tuesday 20th October 2nd half Julia Delaney.  New tune to learn by ear at the group Old Joe's Jig - Irish Jig
Tuesday 27th October Pride of Petravore (Eileen Og), An Comhra Don - two of the tunes to be played at the virtual ceili on Saturday 
Saturday 31st October  Join Maggie Daniel and the Perfect Cure Ceili Band for our Halloween Ceili - Click here for dances to be called with instructions and a list of tunes for musicians to join in too.
Tuesday 3rd November Ned O'Connor, Prowling Fox (Irish Polkas)
Tuesday 10th November New Tune Mc Hugh's (Irish Jig), House in the Glen (Irish Jig)
Tuesday 17th November Captain Bing (polka), Green Castle (hornpipe)
Tuesday 24th November Legacy (Irish jig)
Tuesday 1st December A new tune to follow Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club - the Auld Brig O'Kelso which was introduced via video link by Bob Liddle who wrote these tunes.   Ding Dong Bell
Tuesday 8th December Joe Banes Schottische, Revise Green Castle, Play Ding Dong Bell
Tuesday 15th December Far From Home, play through tunes for Christmas Party
Tuesday 22nd December Minstrel's Fancy
Wednesday 23rd December Highly Strung and Folk Feet Christmas Party 1.45pm - dancing and playing starts at 2pm - 3pm chatting to finish around 3.15pm - email Jill jillyelliot@gmail.com for the programme


Folk Hall, Portishead September - November 2020
We can't dance at the moment and the groups cannot be run from the house, so I'm using my hall booking for music groups.   Tuesday is now a teaching session from 9.30-10.30 followed by a session of tunes until 11.30am for which the fee is 10 per person.   Attendees are limited to 15.

The second hour will be dedicated to playing tunes, and providing the maximum of 15 has not been reached, other players can arrive at 10.30 and pay 5 for this session.