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Tune Sets for Zoom Classes and Sessions 2021


All classes and sessions are suitable for any melody instrument and accompanists (except fiddle technique on Thursday at 11am.)  You will be muted so you will only hear yourself and the solo fiddle or a recording of the band - so an opportunity to be free and more confident with your playing and inventive with variations.
In the classes we learn tunes in the traditional manner by ear phrase by phrase.  This is by far the best way for a tune to stick in your head and you will start to appreciate your instrument and music in a different way.  25 years of experience confirms this!  Classes for tune-learning are on Tuesday morning 9.30am, Wednesday evening at 7pm and Thursday morning at 9.30am.  See a timetable for each individual group from the menu in the column with the dark green background down the left  of your screen.  There is also a class for complete beginners on Thursday evening at 7pm and an Irish tunes class on Tuesday evening at 7pm and Fiddle Technique class on Thursday at 11am.   
In the sessions each person in turn asks for a tune or set of tunes that are on the A-Z index and in 2021 we are concentrating on the tunes listed below.  Sessions for these tunes are on Tuesday 10.45am and  Wednesday 8.15pm - we play rather than learn, so readers can join in immediately using the dots provided with the advantage of playing along with the band to get the correct rhythm and feel.  There is one further session on Tuesday evening at 8.15 for Irish tunes.   
We play the following tunes in the morning assembly on Tuesday and Thursday mornings - click here for the timetable
See the A-Z tunes index for recordings and visual aids
A Starry Night D Oyster Girl G Perfect Cure D  
All in a Garden Green G (and harmony)    
An Comhra Don D Green Castle G Joe Bane's Schottishe A  
Aunty Mary's Canadian Barndance D Cotillion Des Dames G/D Danse de Chez Nous G  
Galop Hey D/D/G (48) Redowa Polka  G (48)    
Galopede G Petronella D    
Hogmanay Jig G Gobbie O (The) am Stool of Repentance D Biddy the Bowl Wife G
Jig of Slurs D/D/G e (64) Athole Highlanders A (64)    
Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club G Auld Brig O' Kelso A Crown Point Cottage D  
Le Tourment G Maison de Glaces D Early in the Year A  
McHugh's G House in the Glen D Legacy G  
Morgan Rattler D Paddy Carey's G    
Ned O'Connor Em Prowling Fox D Captain Bing G  
Old Morpeth Rant G Morpeth Rant D Hesleyside Reel A  
Out on the Ocean G Plane Tree em Rose in the Heather D  
Pride of Petravore Em Far From Home G Minstrel's Fancy D  
Stow Quickstep D High Caul Cap D    
Three Sea Captains G Lady Mary Douglas D  News of the Victory G  
Tich's Reel G Pearl Wedding D Nancy Taylor's Reel G  
Woodland Flowers G Uncle's Jig G    


Email jillyelliot@gmail.com for a list of Irish tunes for the Irish session on Tuesdays at 8.15pm