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Tunes for the Beginners Group


Here is a list of tunes we have worked on in the complete beginner's group in chronological order of learning them:
Uncle Bernard's - English Polka - for practice playing scales (one note after another do re mi) - counting 4 beats per bar - in the key of D major
Winster Gallop English Polka - arpeggios (notes that make up a chord) practice string crossing from D to A string using 3,1,3 finger pattern - Key of G major
Tip Top Polka - English Polka - developing bow control to play some faster notes whilst continuing to play scales (starts at 4mins 19 secs on recording of tune set)
Maggie in the Woods - Irish Polka - bowing two notes in one bow stroke to get the rhythm and style necessary to play this popular Irish Polka
Bear Dance - March from a Belgian dance - introducing the key of e minor and positioning the first finger across both the D and A string at once
Maison de Glace - Jig by Quebecois musician Rejean Brunet - develop feeling in your playing whilst continuing to practice the scale of D major - 3 beats per bar
Plane Tree - Irish Jig - looking more at jig rhythm - count and accent 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 (starts at  2mins 11 secs  on the recording of the set of tunes)
Rakes of Mallow - English Polka- more scales and arpeggios in the key of G
Navvy on the Line - North East English Hornpipe by James Hill born Dundee, lived most of his life in Newcastle (1811-1853) - introducing the hornpipe rhythm with G major scale practice and D and G major arpeggios
Tunes briefly looked at Summer Term 2021:
Early in the Year - Jig by Dan Compton from Portland, Oregon- introduces the key of A major and some new "intervals" between notes. We play this tune after Maison de Glace
Out on the Ocean - Irish jig to play before Plane Tree
Rose in the Heather - Irish jig to play after Plane Tree to complete a set of 3 Irish Jigs
New Tunes 2022:
Dan MacDonald's Polka - another polka - in the key of D this time - to practice the Irish polka rhythm
Harvest Home - hornpipe rhythm - D major scales and arpeggios


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