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Tunes for Slow and Steady Session Wednesday 8.15pm

Scroll down to see the tunes we play in the Beginners class Thursday 7.00 pm

Zoom Link Below (you will be able to join 10 minutes before the class or session starts)


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Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707
This page shows the tunes we are currently playing at the Slow and Steady session on Wednesday evenings at 8.15pm.     As new tunes are taught, new sets are added.  Recordings, sheet music and other aids to learning are available on the A-Z Tunes page of around 700 tunes.   


During the session each group member chooses the tune or tune set to play. All participants are then muted and everyone plays along with the solo fiddle or with a recording by the Perfect Cure Ceili Band.   The tunes are slowed down to a very steady pace so all group members get to play along.

Access recordings and visual aids for these tunes on the "A-Z Tunes Resource of Recordings and Visual Aids" by going to the link in the contents column on the left. 

Join a class to learn more tunes and develop rhythm and phrasing.   most of the time! 

This group will suit players who come to classes on Wednesday evenings, Thursday mornings and complete beginners from Thursday at 7pm are encouraged to come along and join in with the tunes they already know.

There are special recordings with solo fiddle and solo fiddle with guitar on the A-Z index specifically for beginners to join in and play.

Tune Sets for Wednesday Slow and Steady Session
A Starry Night Oyster Girl Perfect Cure English Jigs
Astley's Ride Davy Davy Nick Nack Rochdale Coconut Dance English Marches
Alexandrine March Rogue's March Captain Lanoe's Quick March Marches in Jig Time
An Comhra Don Green Castle Joe Bane's Schottische Irish Hornpipes
Brighton Camp The Sloe   English Polkas
Dan MacDonald's Polka Green Cottage   Irish Polkas
Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club Auld Brig O'Kelso Crown Point Cottage Scottish Marches - B Liddle
Le Tourment Maison de Glace Early in the Year French Canadian Slow Jig Time
Ned O'Connor Prowling Fox Captain Bing Irish Polkas
Pride of Petravore Far From Home  Minstrel's Fancy Irish Hornpipes
Stow Quickstep High Caul Cap   English Jig/Polka
Uncle Bernard's Winster Gallop Tip Top Polka English Polkas
Single Tunes
All In A Garden Green All in a Garden Green Harmony   Playford Tune
Bear Dance     Belgian Tune
Geud Man of Ballingigh     Playford Tune - Scottish Roots
Maggie In The Woods     Irish Polka
Nonesuch Dm     Playford Tune
Old Joe Clark     American Old Time
Salmon Tails     English Polka
Shoe the Donkey     Irish Mazurka
Tunes that we are learning in the beginners class on Thursday at 7pm:
There are special slower recordings to play along with on the A-Z Tunes resource - they are accessed via this symbol on that page:
Uncle Bernard's - for practice playing scales (one note after another doh re me) - counting 4 beats per bar
Winster Gallop - arpeggios (notes that make up a chord) practice string crossing from D to A string using 3,1,3 finger pattern
Maison de Glace - develop feeling in your playing whilst continuing to practice the scale of D major - 3 beats per bar
Bear Dance - introducing e minor and positioning the first finger across both the D and A string at once
Maggie in the Woods - bowing two notes in one bow stroke to get the rhythm and style necessary to play this popular Irish Polka
Plane Tree - Introducing the jig rhythm - count and accent 1 2 3 1 2 3
Tip Top Polka - developing bow control to play some faster notes whilst continuing to play scales