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This is a list of tunes we play at the following sessions: 

Morning Assemblies - Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.00am-9.30am 

Tuesday morning Session 10.45am-11.45am (follows on from the 9.30am class)

Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707
The morning assembly is a free session available to watch or join in. 

Just click on the zoom link below.  Zoom may ask you to enter the passcode.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Passcode: 545084

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Other tunes we play at the Tuesday morning session are listed below this main list.  Click here to go straight to this list.
Play Lists for Highly Strung Summer 2021 Click here


Tunes in Alphabetical Order position in set Other tunes played in the set of tunes
A Fig for a Kiss Em 2nd Drops of Brandy G Foxhunter's Jig D  
A Starry Night D 1st Oyster Girl G Perfect Cure D  
Alexandrine March G 1st Rogue's March D Captain Lanoe's G  
All in a Garden Green G        
An Comhra Don D 1st Green Castle G Joe Bane's Schottische A  
Astley's Ride D 1st Davy, Davy, Nick Nack G Rochdale Coconut Dance Em/G  
Athole Highlanders A 2nd Jig of Slurs D/D/G/Em    
Auld Brig O' Kelso A 2nd Kelso Accordion+Fiddle Club G Crown Point Cottage A  
Aunty Mary's  Barndance D 1st Cotillion des Dames G/D Danse de Chez Nous G  
Ballydesmond Polka 2 am 1st Ballydesmond Polka 3 am    
Ballydesmond Polka 3 am 2nd Ballydesmond Polka 2 am    
Banish Misfortune D 1st Humours of Ennisytmon G    
Bear Dance em        
Biddy the Bowl Wife G 4th Hogmanay Jig G The Gobbie O Am Stool of Repentance D
Blackthorn Stick G 1st Calliope House D    
Bottom of the Punchbowl D 2nd Dashing White Sergeant D White Cockade G  
Butterfly em        
Calliope House D 2nd Blackthorn Stick G    
Captain Bing G 3rd Ned O'Connor Em Prowling Fox D  
Captain Lanoe's G 3rd Alexandrine March G Rogue's March D  
Centenary March D 2nd Monk's March G March of St. Timothy G  
Cotillion Des Dames G/D 2nd Aunty Mary's  Barndance D Danse de Chez Nous G  
Crown Point Cottage D 3rd Kelso Accordion+Fiddle Club G Auld Brig O' Kelso A  
Dan MacDonald's Polka D 1st Green Cottage Em     
Danse de Chez Nous G 3rd Aunty Mary's  Barndance D Cotillion Des Dames G/D  
Dashing White Sergeant D 1st Bottom of the Punchbowl D White Cockade G  
Davy Davy Nick Nack G 2nd Astley's Ride D Rochdale Coconut Dance Em/G  
Dorsetshire Hornpipe D 2nd Gloucestershire  Hornpipe G    
Drops of Brandy G 1st A Fig for a Kiss Em Foxhunter's Jig D  
Early in the Year A 3rd Le Tourment G Maison de Glace D  
Far From Home G 2nd Pride of Petravore Em Minstrel's Fancy D  
Flat Water Fran G        
Foxhunter's Jig D 3rd Drops of Brandy G A Fig for a Kiss Em  
Galop Hey D/D/G  1st Redowa Polka  G     
Galopede G 1st Petronella D    
Gloucestershire  Hornpipe G 1st Dorsetshire Hornpipe D    
Gobbie O (The) am 2nd Hogmanay Jig G Stool of Repentance D Biddy the Bowl Wife G
Green Castle G 2nd An Comhra Don D Joe Bane's Schottische A  
Green Cottage em 2nd Dan MacDonald's Polka D    
Hesleyside Reel A 3rd Old Morpeth Rant G Morpeth Rant D  
High Caul Cap D 2nd Stow Quickstep D    
Hogmanay Jig G 1st Gobbie O (The) am Stool of Repentance D Biddy the Bowl Wife G
House in the Glen D 2nd McHugh's G Legacy G  
Humours of Ennistymon G 2nd Banish Misfortune D    
Idlewild Jig D 3rd Rig-a-Jig G Little Burnt Potato G  
Jack's Maggot D        
Jig of Slurs D/D/G/em 1st Athole Highlanders A    
Joe Bane's Schottische A 3rd An Comhra Don D Green Castle G  
Kelso Accordion + Fiddle Club G 1st Auld Brig O' Kelso A Crown Point Cottage A  
Kesh G        
King of the Fairies Em         
Lady Mary Douglas D 2nd Three Sea Captains G News of the Victory G  
Le Tourment G 1st Maison de Glace D Early in the Year A  
Leaving Lismore G        
Legacy G 3rd McHugh's G House in the Glen D  
Little Burnt Potato G 2nd Rig-a-Jig G Idlewild Jig D  
Louisburg Square G/D 1st Railway G    
Maggie in the Woods G        
Maison de Glace D 2nd Le Tourment G Early in the Year A  
Major Mackie's D 1st Ripple on the Teign G    
March of St. Timothy G 3rd Monks March G Centenary March D  
McHugh's G 1st House in the Glen D Legacy G  
Michael Turners Waltz G        
Minstrel's Fancy D 3rd Pride of Petravore Em Far From Home G  
Miss Margaret Hill's Waltz D        
Monks March G 1st Centenary March D March of St. Timothy G  
Morgan Rattler D 1st Paddy Carey's G    
Morpeth Rant D 2nd Old Morpeth Rant G Hesleyside Reel A  
Nancy Taylor's Reel G 3rd Tich's Reel G Pearl Wedding D  
Ned O'Connor Em 1st Prowling Fox D Captain Bing G  
Newcastle G        
News of the Victory G 3rd Three Sea Captains G Lady Mary Douglas D  
Old Morpeth Rant G 1st Morpeth Rant D Hesleyside Reel A  
Out on the Ocean G 1st Plane Tree em Rose in the Heather D  
Oyster Girl G 2nd A Starry Night D Perfect Cure D  
Paddy Carey's G 2nd Morgan Rattler D    
Pearl Wedding D 2nd Tich's Reel G Nancy Taylor's Reel G  
Perfect Cure D 3rd A Starry Night D Oyster Girl G  
Petronella D 2nd Galopede G    
Plane Tree Em 2nd Out on the Ocean G Rose in the Heather D  
Pride of Petravore Em 1st Far From Home G Minstrel's Fancy D  
Prowling Fox D 2nd Ned O'Connor Em Captain Bing G  
Railway G 2nd Louisburg Square G/D    
Redowa Polka  G  2nd Galop Hey D/D/G     
Rig-a-Jig G 1st Little Burnt Potato G Idlewild Jig D  
Ripple on the Teign G 2nd Major Mackie's D    
Rochdale Coconut Dance Em/G 3rd Astley's Ride D Davy, Davy, Nick Nack G  
Rogues March D 2nd Alexandrine March G Captain Lanoe's G  
Rose in the Heather D 3rd Out on the Ocean G Plane Tree em  
Shoe the Donkey G        
Smuggler's G/DG        
Stool of Repentance D 3rd Hogmanay Jig G Gobbie O (The) am Biddy the Bowl Wife G
Stow Quickstep D 1st High Caul Cap D    
Sweet Jenny Jones G        
Three Sea Captains G 1st Lady Mary Douglas D News of the Victory G  
Tich's Reel G 1st Pearl Wedding D Nancy Taylor's Reel G  
Uncle's Jig - Bob Cann G 2nd Woodland Flowers G    
Wakefield Hunt G        
White Cockade G 3rd Dashing White Sergeant D Bottom of the Punchbowl D  
Woodland Flowers G 1st Uncle's Jig - Bob Cann G    
Other Tunes We Play at the Tuesday Morning Session
Alistair J Sim by Willie Taylor
Drowsy Maggie
Fanny Power
I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave
Planxty Irwin
Red Haired Boy


Highly Strung Community Band Play lists Summer 2021

1 hour play list (Green) 1 hour play list (Blue)
A Starry Night Set A Starry Night Set
Galopede Set Monks March Set
Aunty Mary's Canadian Set Rig a Jig Set
Dan MacDonald Set Ned O'Connor Set
McHugh's Set Blackthorn Stick Set
All in a Garden Green G Jack's Maggot
Drops of Brandy Set Jig of Slurs Set
Leaving Lismore Sweet Jenny Jones
Gloucestershire H'pipe Set Pride of Petravore Set
Le Tourment Set Woodland Flowers Set
Bear Dance Wakefield Hunt
Smuggler's G/DG Michael Turner's Waltz
Stow Quickstep Set Stow Quickstep Set