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Class 1 Tuesday 9.30am-11.30am

Venue: Folk Hall Portishead BS20 6PR - pre-booking essential - jillyelliot@gmail.com

We can't dance at the moment, so I'm using my hall booking for music groups.   Tuesday is now a teaching session from 9.30-10.30 followed by a session of tunes until 11.30am for which the fee is 10 per person.   I am limiting the number of attendees to 15 and priority will be given to those who wish to come for the whole session.  

The second hour will be dedicated to playing tunes, and providing the maximum of 15 has not been reached, other players can arrive at 10.30 and pay 5 for this session.  

This group will particularly suit players from ex Monday 9.30am group, ex Falfield 5.30pm group, ex Wotton Star group and ex Wednesday 7.30pm group.   Some intermediate players from Tuesday Folk Feet mornings may also find it useful. 

New enquiries also welcome!


We will start with a warm up tune which will be something that has cropped up the previous week and which you can learn at home and brush up on at the group.  See timetable below.  The first hour will be a learning session and we will cover a variety of topics rather than a learning a completely new tune by ear.  Prepare your musical questions - it could be a few bars from a tricky tune, a bit of bowing technique, or a question such as how to identify a jig from a reel.  Not everyone will necessarily play all of the time but having been to several workshops like this in Ireland and England when I first started playing, I know you can learn as much by observing and listening as trying to join in and playing everything.  


From 10.30am we have a tune-playing session round the room so everyone can join in for the social playing with others we find so enjoyable.   We play the tune at the pace of the person who chooses it.   Bring visual aids if you prefer, or try the traditional method of picking up a bit of the tune by ear.


Some feedback about this group
"I felt safe and in control of my own safety. The hall is a good venue - plenty of room and good ventilation.
I think that the Q & A session is excellent. So much can be learnt from other people's questions, and you are a very sympathetic teacher with lots of knowledge to share. Often a question that has been vaguely in the back of one's mind can be voiced by someone else! Extremely useful.
Playing together is what we have all been missing since the middle of March - fab to be back doing it again and rediscovering/being reminded of old favourite tunes!
A great format for Tuesday morning - brushing up, learning new techniques and having a jolly good play!"

Autumn Term 2020 - September - December



Tuesday 8th September All in a Garden Green and Harmony
Tuesday 15th September Learn at home this week's warm up tune Harvest Home.  In the class we learned Gentle Maiden  and the harmony 
Tuesday 22nd September New tune we will learn by ear High Reel - Irish reel - 
Tuesday 29th September  
Tuesday 6th October  
Tuesday 13th October  
Tuesday 20th October  
Tuesday 27th October  
Tuesday 3rd November  
Tuesday 10th November  
Tuesday 17th November  
Tuesday 24th November  
Tuesday 1st December  
Tuesday 8th December