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Dates  Times and Tunes

Tuesday 9.30am Class 
Tuesday 7pm Irish Class
Wednesday 7pm Class 
Thursday 9.30am Slow and Steady Class
Thursday 11am Irish Class
Thursday 7.00 pm Beginners Class
Free Sessions

Dates  Times and Tune Lists 

Calendar Dates for Morning Assembly Session  Tues and Thurs 9.00am -9.30am  
 Tunes For Morning Assembly Session Tues and Thurs 9.00am -9.30am 
 Tunes For Tuesday Morning Session 10.45am- 11.45am
  Tunes For Slow and Steady Session Wednesday 8.15pm 
Tunes For  Irish Session Tuesday 8.15pm
A-Z  Tunes  Substantial Resource of Recordings and Visual Aids
Complete Beginners
Complete Beginners Help
Beginners first tunes
General Info "old norm" periods 
Pre March 2020 Timetable Summary
Highly Strung Event Timetable 2020
Dance Timetable and Events 

Dance Classes 

Folk Feet Tuesday
Thursday Morning Dance Class

Monday evening Irish Set Dance classes and dances

It's Your Ceili Friday Dance Party


Book a Barn Dance/ Ceili  Band

Refs caller and band

Group Lessons
One to one lessons
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Music Classes Archive 

Monday Morning Group  

Monday Evening Falfield  Archive

Tuesday  Irish Group archive

Wednesday Evening Groups Archive

  Monday Evening Star Inn Archive



Contact Jill:  jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707


Lesson Fees

Zoom (Internet) classes and sessions - 10 per week for any number of classes or sessions.  Full access to all resources for regulars.

Introductory plan for complete beginners - Internet or at Yew Tree Cottage - 1 hour private lesson plus 4 group lessons (including a loan instrument if available) plus full access to the A-Z Tunes resource - 80 

Musicians seeking access to the A-Z resources - 50 per annum for full access to all audio and visual aids on this website.   The 50 also includes 5 weeks of classes/sessions. 

Individual Lessons  -  Internet or at Yew Tree Cottage - 40 per hour/25 per half hour

Individual Lessons at your house - 40 per hour - plus 45p per mile (not currently available)

Evening and Daytime Classes - 10 per person per week 

Sessions - Free

Band Fees 

Barn Dances with live music with The Perfect Cure Band range from 280 - 600 for a full evening or afternoon event including all equipment, caller and musicians.

Care Home sing-along is 80 per hour.  

Prices depend on day of the week, time of day, acoustic or amplified, and the number of musicians - please ring 07515 904 707 or e mail with your requirements. 

Dance Fees (no dancing until further notice I'm sorry to say!)

Tuesday morning 3 per person - musicians and dancers

Thursday morning Irish Set Dance 8 per person

It's Your Ceili - 10 per person  

Irish Set Dance  - Monday evenings 8 per person

Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707
Link to the new Highly Strung and Folk Feet Youtube channel - not much there yet - it's another project!

Link to Highly Strung Facebook page - sharing lots of happy memories with the band