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Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707

for all ages and abilities

Completely New to the Violin?

That is fantastic!!  There are few things better than seeing someone's delight in playing their first tune on the fiddle.  Complete beginners are very welcome for a one hour introductory lesson using a loan violin.   A one hour lesson is 40.

"I never realised how much fun making music could be! I had never played an instrument in my life but Jill's enthusiasm and patience has made every lesson an inspiration. Now, two years on, I am regularly playing with others and have made many new friends along the way. I thoroughly recommend it!" Viv  - Personnel Consultant 
"I found Jill to be a experienced and generous teacher who has a real passion for making music. She  wants her students to enjoy playing as much as she does herself. I played the violin when I was very young but had forgotten everything and never expected to be playing a tune by the end of my first lesson; which is exactly what happened!  Playing "fiddle" is very different from playing classical violin, I found it to be a lot of fun, an uplifting experience."

Abby - Social Worker - 


Introduction to Fiddle for people who can already play the violin!

These lessons will be of particular interest to people who used to play the violin - perhaps as a child at school - or to players currently playing classical music.

"I've been learning classical violin since school, going through the standard route of taking Grades and playing in orchestras - so I could already play quite well before starting lessons with Jill.   However I'd got about as far as I was going to get with this and, to be honest, was getting a bit bored of it all.   I'd always been envious of people who could "just play", picking things up by ear and playing without music. So when I saw one of Jill's adverts I decided to investigate. Two years on and I'm glad that I did - it's given my playing a new lease of life........

If you can already play the violin, come along for ideas on how to play the "music" as opposed to "the dots".  Manuscript can only annotate within a rigid system of communication - the music is played only when you have a good understanding of the genre - dance music ......  the most significant element is a steady beat with particular phrasing and emphasis to make it great for dancing. 

...........I discovered that I'd been playing the violin for years without really understanding how the instrument works - and now for the first time I feel that I'm actually starting to make music rather than just follow the notes.  Jill is a great teacher, with the knack of knowing exactly where you are up to and thinking of the next step to encourage you on."

Tim - IT Consultant - 

You will also learn various finger and bowing techniques whilst learning a variety of tunes traditionally by ear.  You may need a couple of lessons to get you started but then you should join one of the fiddle groups as soon as possible.


"Fast approaching my 40th birthday, I decided to learn to play the fiddle and get married - not necessarily in that order!   I had played piano as a child, and the theoretical basis had left me unable to play by ear or join in with others.   Learning with Jill is great, as you're with like-minded people who just enjoy the music (including people who'd hitherto considered themselves 'unmusical'!).  Playing with beginners like myself at the weekly groups meant I was able to build confidence; playing with others without getting too precious about it.  We all make mistakes sometimes and we've all been beginners at some time.  Even the more advanced students are full of enthusiasm and know they're never too good to learn something new.
If you've been put off music before, this would be a great way to get into it, it's loads of fun.
( Maggie - Charity Finance Worker -