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Dance classes are suspended due to Covid 19

Irish Set Dance

Irish Set Dance is social dancing or folk dancing - a traditional form of Irish Dancing that is very popular today in many countries.   Set dancing is NOT Irish step dancing as in Riverdance.  This is a fun, low impact Irish dance style, somewhat akin to American square dancing, in sets of 4 couples, and is danced to Irish jigs, reels, polkas, slides, and hornpipes.  

Dancers derive a great aerobic benefit and enjoyment from the dancing.  It is sociable and fun!   

At the classes you will learn the basic steps, moves and terminology.  You don't need to bring a partner as you can dance with different people throughout the evening, but if people do come with a partner with whom they wish to dance, that is fine too.  

No pre-booking required - pay as you go, so no one pays for a class that they can't attend.  

We often have live music! 

Our Monday evening classes is held at Falfield Village Hall, GL12 8DH which is conveniently situated just off junction 14 of the M5, on the A38 north of Thornbury.  It is within 20-30 minutes drive of a wide area - you may be surprised how easy it is to get to - use google maps!  It has a large car park and a superb wooden floor perfect for dancing. 7.30pm-9.30pm - 8

Our Thursday morning classes are held at North Weston Village Hall, Portishead - just 5 minutes drive from junction19 of the M5 and within 30 minutes drive from north and west Bristol and Weston Super Mare.   There is a car park opposite the hall and the wooden floor is excellent for dancing - details below.  10.00am-12.30pm - 8

Please Come and Join Us - You will definitely have fun!!


Monday evenings weekly, Falfield Village Hall, A38, GL12 8DH

7.30pm - 9.30pm - 8 - to include refreshments - we often dance to live music 

 Thursday mornings weekly, North Weston Village Hall, Portishead, BS20 6TB  

10.00am - 12.30pm - 8 - to include refreshments 

Click here for detailed timetable

The Perfect Cure Band (click for our website) play for Irish Set dance at various venues - meet us at:

 The Salutation in Ham, on the 3rd Thursday every month

The Butcher's Hook in Thornbury, on the 4th Thursday every month - room for one set to dance too

The Beehive in Bristol and Chippenham Folk Festival in May and Sidmouth Folk Festival in August.

We also play at the ceilis for the Irish Set Dance clubs in Bristol, Newton Abbot, Dinder and Colyford

For details ring Jill - 07515 904 707 - or e mail jillyelliot@gmail.com

Once a Month Day of Irish Set Dance with Sharon and Mick Carr 

workshop in the morning 11.30am-1pm, ceili with the Perfect Cure 2pm-5pm

2nd Sunday of the month October 2019 to April 2020

Chipping Hall, Wotton under Edge GL12 7AD