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Thursday Evening Complete Beginners Class 5.30pm- 6.30pm

November 2020-December 2021

Zoom Link Below (you will be able to join 10 minutes before the class starts)


Passcode: 545084

Contact Jill Elliot jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707
Tunes for the beginners class.  Scroll down for weekly updates.
There are special extra-slower recordings to play along with on the A-Z Tunes resource - they are accessed via this symbol on that page:
To access the A-Z Tunes Resource with all links to recordings and music, click here, then enter your password and username 
Here is a list of tunes we have worked on in this group in chronological order of learning them:
Uncle Bernard's - for practice playing scales (one note after another do re mi) - counting 4 beats per bar - in the key of D major
Winster Gallop - arpeggios (notes that make up a chord) practice string crossing from D to A string using 3,1,3 finger pattern - Key of G major
Tip Top Polka - developing bow control to play some faster notes whilst continuing to play scales (starts at 4mins 19 secs on recording of tune set)
Maggie in the Woods - bowing two notes in one bow stroke to get the rhythm and style necessary to play this popular Irish Polka
Bear Dance - introducing the key of e minor and positioning the first finger across both the D and A string at once
Maison de Glace - develop feeling in your playing whilst continuing to practice the scale of D major - 3 beats per bar
Plane Tree - Introducing the jig rhythm - count and accent 1 2 3 1 2 3 (starts at  2mins 11 secs  on the recording of the set of tunes)
Rakes of Mallow - more scales and arpeggios in the key of G
Early in the Year - introduces the key of A major and some new "intervals" between notes. We play this tune after Maison de Glace
Out on the Ocean - Irish jig to play before Plane Tree
Rose in the Heather - Irish jig to play after Plane Tree to complete a set of 3 Irish Jigs


Autumn Term  2021 - Thursday Beginners - September-December



Thursday 2nd September Back to basics - violin hold, bow hold, fingering Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do  A chance to ask lots of questions.  We played some phrases from Uncle Bernard's in D first half.
Thursday 9th September Uncle Bernard's in D whole tune
Thursday 16th September Revision Uncle Bernard's, New Tune: Bear Dance
Thursday 23rd September Bear Dance,  Uncle Bernard's
Thursday 30th September Continue with Uncle Bernard's and Bear Dance.  First question of Maison de Glace.
Thursday 7th October Continue to learn about bowing using Uncle Bernard's and First question of Maison de Glace
Thursday 14th October Continue with bowing, compare jig style between Maison de Glace Q1 and Plane Tree Q1
Thursday 21st October No Class
Thursday 28th October More bowing practice using the example tunes: Uncle Bernard's, Bear Dance, Maison de Glace and Plain Tree
Thursday 4th November Uncle Bernard's, Bear Dance, Maison de Glace and Plane Tree
Thursday 11th November Uncle Bernard's, Bear Dance, Maison de Glace and Plane Tree
Thursday 18th November Bowing exercises and work more on the Plane Tree jig
Thursday 25th November Maison de Glace 2nd Half, also reminder of Irish Polka bowing and Jig bowing
Thursday 2nd December Irish Polka Bowing - Maggie in the Woods 1st half
Thursday 9th December Maggie in the Woods
Thursday 16th December Maggie in the Woods, Maison de Glace
Spring Term commences the first week of January.  The group will then run on Wednesdays 5.30pm-6.30pm


Summer Term  2021 - Thursday 7pm Beginners - May - August



Sunday 2nd May Highly Strung Start the Summer Party 2pm-4pm via zoom from Yew Tree Cottage.  
Thursday 6th May Plane Tree phrase by phrase.  Played through Maggie in the Woods.
Thursday 13th May Tip Top Polka phrase by phrase 
Thursday 20th May We learned more about playing by ear.  Recognising intervals using your ears and looking at which fingers are producing the correct notes.  Playing small chunks of simple tunes you already know very well - often part of a song.  How to move the bow between two adjoining strings with as little vertical movement as possible.  Learning how to use a much smaller amount of bow.  Keeping fingers down as you play up the scale using fingers 1, 2 then 3 and then open A whilst leaving all 3 fingers on the D string.  Requires a particular hand position so as not to obstruct the A string.
Thursday 27th May We played all of our tunes (scroll up for the list with the green background).  We started learning the second half of Rakes of Mallow.
Thursday 3rd June Revise 2nd half of Rakes of Mallow and learned the first half too.  We revised the Tip Top Polka and joined it up to the Rakes of Mallow. We also played some of our other tunes.  
Thursday 10th June  Revision week - group members who have missed the Rakes of Mallow should familiarise themselves with the tune and try to recognise the scales that will enable you to join in with playing the tune. 
Thursday 17th June Preparation: For New Tune - Early in The Year.  Listen to the slow recording on the A-Z Tunes Resource.   The tune introduces the key of A major and some new "intervals" between notes. We play this tune after Maison de Glace

In the class: We played the whole of the new tune Early in the Year.

Thursday 24th June Revision of Early in the Year.  Play all our tunes.
Thursday 1st July Out on the Ocean - we learned the first half of this tune.
Thursday 8th July Out on the Ocean - revise 1st half and learn 2nd half.  
Thursday 15th July Rose in the Heather.  Please listen to this tune so that you can sing it before the class - you will be amazed how much easier this will make things for you - honestly !!!
Thursday 22nd July Rose in the Heather plus how to use the bow to achieve the jig rhythm
Thursday 29th July Out on the Ocean first half
Thursday 5th August Out on the Ocean second half 
Thursday 12th August Rose in the Heather
Thursday 19th August Uncle Bernard, Winster Gallop, Plane Tree, Bear Dance, Out on the Ocean
Thursday 26th August Maison de Glace, Early in the Year


Spring Term  2021 - January - April 



Thursday 7th January Tip Top Polka
Thursday 14th January Tip Top Polka - play through Uncle Bernard's and Winster Gallop
Thursday 21st January Tip Top Polka and play three tune in a "set" - Uncle Bernard's, Winster Gallop and Tip Top Polka.  Also made a start on the first half of Maggie in the Woods with new bowing pattern.
Thursday 28th January Warm up with Uncle Bernards, Winster Gallop and Tip Top Polka - then learn Maggie in the Woods first half with bowing.
Thursday 4th February Maggie in the Woods 2nd half and play through Uncle Bernard's
Thursday 11th February  Maggie in the Woods, Winster Gallop, change from Winster Gallop into Tip Top Polka, 1st Q and 1st A of Tip Top Polka with extra notes and joining notes.
Thursday 18th February Uncle Bernard's, change from Uncle Bernard's into Winster Gallop, change into Tip Top Polka.  1st Q and A of Tip Top polka with extra notes and joining up notes.  Learned 1st half of Bear Dance completely by ear - a very busy evening !!
Thursday 25th February Learn 2nd half of Bear Dance - before class try to fill in the missing notes on the tab sheet - download from beginners page.
Thursday 4th March Warm up - Uncle Bernards, Winster Gallop, Tip Top Polka.

New tune - Maison de Glace - listen to the tune to familiarise yourself with it - we will learn it phrase by phrase - the recording is on the A-Z tunes index - we did the 1st half of tune

Thursday 11th March Maison de Glace - 2nd half of tune and revision of first half of tune
Thursday 18th March revision of tunes learned 
Thursday 25th March Revise Maison de Glace.  Round the table session
Thursday 1st April Tip Top Polka 
Thursday 8th April This week we played all 6 of our tunes along with the accompaniment. 
Thursday 15th April new tune - Plane Tree - recording and fiddle tab is on A-Z Morning Assembly and also A-Z Irish session - also play along with the band for our 6 other tunes
Thursday 22nd April Play the Plane Tree plus our 6 other tunes 
Thursday 29th April Continue to revise our tunes


Autumn Term  2020 - Thursday 7pm-8pm - November-December



12th November  The parts of the violin, the bow, accessories, tuning, first notes.
19th November Uncle Bernard's - see beginners learning resource page.
26th November  Uncle Bernard's - we have now played the whole tune - we also played 2 octaves in the key of G starting from the open G string and ending on the second finger on the E string
3rd  December  Uncle Bernard's play the whole tune - have a listen to Winster Gallop as it is the next tune we will play
10th December Winster Gallop 
17th December Uncle Bernard's and Winster Gallop
Wednesday 23rd December Highly Strung and Folk Feet Christmas Party 1.45pm - dancing and playing starts at 2pm - 3pm chatting to finish around 3.15pm - email Jill jillyelliot@gmail.com for the programme