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Highly Strung Sets of tunes and Play Lists

Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com or ring 01275 847909 or 07515 904 707


For tunes and tune sets go to A-Z index where you will access a slow solo recording, manuscript for one tune, fiddle tab, mandolin and tenor banjo tab, whistle fingering, a faster recording of the tunes in a set and the manuscript for the set of tunes including chords for accompanists.
If you are a beginner try the easier tunes to get you started.  There is always a steady stream of beginners and new band members so there are plenty of people in the same boat as you who are a bit daunted when they see such a long list.  When we play for a dance we only use a small selection of these tunes and for most events you will be given a set list.  See beginners page for the best tunes to start with and some exercises.

Also look at the tunes we have learned recently in each group by visiting the relevant group classes page eg Monday morning, Wednesday evening - click on the links on the left hand contents strip for each group to see what they have been learning.

Highly Strung Tune Sets (with chords) for barn dances and events
A list of tunes in sets is available for regular attendees of the groups and those who also play in the Highly Strung Community Band.  If you would like a copy please e mail me - jillyelliot@gmail.com


Click on the links or scroll down

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A Few Easier Tunes to Get You Started

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A Selection of Tune sets for ceilis/barn dances to start with

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Highly Strung Play List  for Tuesday mornings at Folk Hall

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Tune Sets For Barn Dances


A Few Easier Tunes to Get You Started- see also beginners tunes page

Cock of the North D - march  

Uncle Bernard's - English polka

Frere Jacques - well known song

Gathering Peascods - Playford

Man in the Moon - waltz

Rakes of Mallow G - polka

Seven Stars D - Jig

Salmon Tails - Polka

Redwing - American

A Selection of Tune Sets for Ceilis/Barn Dances to start with

Buttered Peas G / Jenny Lind  D                  

Dashing White Sergeant /Bottom of the Punchbowl    

Galopede G          

A Starry Night for a Ramble set                                                                          

Officerís Polka /Kit Whites Square Eight                                                                                                            

Stow Quickstep /High Caul Cap                                                

Nipper /Off She Goes                                                                     

Hot Punch /Fiery Clockface                                                                        

Cock of North/Mairiís Wedding /Scotland the Brave      

Sweets of May/Dingle Regatta                                                 

Galop Hey /Redowa Polka                                                                          

Sbrando set                                                             

Highly Strung Playlist  for Tuesday mornings at Folk Hall


Black Nag am  

Buttered Peas

Cuckoldís all a Row G and C

Gathering Peascods G

Geud Man of Ballangigh (Hunt the Squirrel) A  


Jackís Maggot D  

Kitty Magee


Newcastle  G

Nonesuch dm

Parsonís Farewell am  


Stingo am  

Three Around Three G / The Quaker G/D  

Wakefield Hunt