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Contents in this section are pre zoom  November 2020
Contents in this section are pre zoom  November 2020

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Beginners 5.30pm-6.30pm - For Nov 2020-Dec 2021, see Thursday evening beginners link in contents column on the left.

Improvers - 6.30pm - 7.30pm click the link in the contents column on the left to access details of what we will be learning week by week for this group

Slow and Steady Session 8.00pm-9.00pm - tunes played at an accessible speed for beginners and improvers.  For tunes played at this session, click the link in the contents column for "Tunes for slow and steady session" 

Zoom Link Below (you will be able to join from 5.20pm and come and go at any time during the evening 5.30pm-9pm)


Passcode: 545084

Contact Jill Elliot jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707
To access the A-Z Tunes Resource with all links to recordings and music, click here, then enter your password and username 
Here is a list of tunes we have worked on in this group in chronological order of learning them:
Uncle Bernard's - English Polka - for practice playing scales (one note after another do re mi) - counting 4 beats per bar - in the key of D major
Winster Gallop English Polka - arpeggios (notes that make up a chord) practice string crossing from D to A string using 3,1,3 finger pattern - Key of G major
Tip Top Polka - English Polka - developing bow control to play some faster notes whilst continuing to play scales (starts at 4mins 19 secs on recording of tune set)
Maggie in the Woods - Irish Polka - bowing two notes in one bow stroke to get the rhythm and style necessary to play this popular Irish Polka
Bear Dance - March from a Belgian dance - introducing the key of e minor and positioning the first finger across both the D and A string at once
Maison de Glace - Jig by Quebecois musician Rejean Brunet - develop feeling in your playing whilst continuing to practice the scale of D major - 3 beats per bar
Plane Tree - Irish Jig - looking more at jig rhythm - count and accent 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 (starts at  2mins 11 secs  on the recording of the set of tunes)
Rakes of Mallow - English Polka- more scales and arpeggios in the key of G
Navvy on the Line - North East English Hornpipe by James Hill born Dundee, lived most of his life in Newcastle (1811-1853) - introducing the hornpipe rhythm with G major scale practice and D and G major arpeggios
Tunes briefly looked at Summer Term 2021:
Early in the Year - Jig by Dan Compton from Portland, Oregon- introduces the key of A major and some new "intervals" between notes. We play this tune after Maison de Glace
Out on the Ocean - Irish jig to play before Plane Tree
Rose in the Heather - Irish jig to play after Plane Tree to complete a set of 3 Irish Jigs


Exercises Page - also accessed  via the navigation column down the left side of the screen


Summer Term 2022 - 5.30pm - May-August



Wednesday 4th May Winster Gallop - 1st half except for Q2, 2nd half
Wednesday 11th May Winster Gallop - learn the whole tune.  Irish polka bowing - Maggie in the Woods
Wednesday 18th May No Class
Wednesday 25th May Jig rhythm - play Out on the Ocean and Plane Tree.  Play Uncle Bernard's and Winster Gallop
Wednesday 1st June  
Wednesday 8th June  
Wednesday 15th June  
Wednesday 22nd June No Class
Wednesday 29th June  
Wednesday 6th July  
Wednesday 13th July  
Wednesday 20th July  
Wednesday 27th July  
Wednesday 3rd August  
Wednesday 10th August  
Wednesday 17th August  
Wednesday 24th August  


Spring Term 2022 - Zoom - January - April



Wednesday 5th January Maison de Glace, Maggie in the Woods, Bear Dance.  Exercises with scales and arpeggios in G major and D major recognising finger patterns.  For exercises click here.
Wednesday 12th January Continue with scales and arpeggios in D and G. Exercises click here  At the end of the class we played Maison de Glace, Maggie in the Woods, Bear Dance. 
Wednesday 19th January Play through exercises.  Introducing a new rhythm.  Play Maison de Glace, Maggie in the Woods, Bear Dance.
Wednesday 26th January Continue to practice the exercises and listen to the recording of Navvy of the Line
Wednesday 2nd February 1st half of Navvy of the Line.  We looked at Irish polka bowing in more detail and differentiating between questions and answers in Maison de Glace.
Wednesday 9th February 2nd half of Navvy on the Line - long note/short note dotted or hornpipe rhythm.
Wednesday 16th February Jig bowing using examples from the Plane Tree - see exercises
Wednesday 23rd February 2nd half of Navvy on the Line and working on the joining up notes to link all parts of the tune.  Recognise where the note G is on the fiddle.  
Wednesday 2nd March Jig bowing. Click here for exercises for Jig rhythm.  Recognise immediately where the note G is in 3 places on the fiddle. 
Wednesday 9th March More jig rhythm practice, a reminder of Irish Polka bowing (Maggie in the Woods) and identify the note E on the violin in  2 places.
Wednesday 16th March Play first half of Plane Tree more fluently and start putting in more of the jig rhythm.  On the A string, identify A, B, C - Open string, first finger and second finger next to first finger.
Wednesday 23rd March Out on the Ocean.  Listen to the tune until you can sing it.  We will start putting the tune on instruments in the class.  It is a jig and we play it before the Plane Tree.  Name the 3rd finger on the A string.  Play open D then this note - it should sound the same but one is lower!
Wednesday 30th March Out on the Ocean 1st half.  Exercises related to D and G major scales and arpeggios using jig, polka and hornpipe rhythm.
Wednesday 6th April Out on the Ocean 1st half.  Exercises related to D and G major scales and arpeggios using jig, polka and hornpipe rhythm.
Wednesday 13th April Listen to the 2nd half of Out on the Ocean.  Continuation of recent exercises and tunes.  We played the first half of the second half of Out on the Ocean.
Wednesday 20th April 2nd half of the 2nd half of Out on the Ocean.  Continue with Navvy on the Line scales and arpeggios.
Wednesday 27th April Revision: Out on the Ocean, Navvy on the Line 1st half, Uncle Bernard's Polka