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Wednesday  6.30pm Improvers Class
Tunes for Steady Session Wednesday 8.00pm
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What to expect in the Beginners Group
Contact Jill - jillyelliot@gmail.com 07515 904 707
Getting Started

This class is suitable for complete beginners on fiddle (violin) and some other melody instruments.   The same fingering is used for mandolin and tenor banjo ( 4 string banjo tuned GDAE). Whistle and recorder players are welcome.  We learn and play at a very slow pace.  Participants are muted when we are all playing and questions are encouraged.  Loan instruments are sometimes available.   

Come along for a complimentary trial (with or without an instrument) by clicking the zoom link above, to see if it suits you.

Joining Classes

Come along for a complimentary trial session and if you enjoy it and would like to join us, the initial fee is 50 and covers you for 5 classes and gives you access to the A-Z Tunes resource of recordings and visual aids resource for a year.  

After the initial 5 weeks, classes are 10 per week - pay as you go and only pay for weeks you attend.

If you would like a one hour personal lesson to get you started the fee is 40.  Email or ring me using the above contact details.

Complete Beginners Help

In the contents column on the left there is a section entitled "Complete Beginners".

The first page in this section is "Complete Beginners Help" and is aimed at helping new fiddlers to identify parts of the violin and what they do, plus a few accessories that you will find useful to have before you even start to play.  

You can try out some of the first tunes on the page "Beginners First Tunes".   

Weekly Tune Timetable for Classes

There is a page that will tell you what we have learned in previous weeks and what is planned for the coming week.  Go to the contents strip on the left and click Wednesday 5.30pm Beginners Class

Slow and Steady Session 

Beginners are encouraged to come along to the session on Wednesday evening at 8.00pm, using the same zoom link at the top of this page.  For a list of tunes played at the session, go to the left column, scroll down to "Dates, times and tunes for Sessions" and underneath that, click the link for Slow and Steady Session.  

This is a great way to participate as a musician from the start in the comfort of your own home!  You will meet other new musicians and share learning experiences.  It is light hearted and good fun.  Don't' take my word for it... just zoom in and give it a go!

You will get the opportunity to ask for the tune you are currently leaning and you will see the other group members playing along with you.

You weekly 10 fee will cover this session too.

A-Z Tunes Resource of Recordings and Visual Aids

The very first tunes are on the Beginners First Tunes page as described above and accessed via the contents column on the left.  

To access all recordings and visual aids for tunes we are learning, go to the contents column on the left of this page and click " A-Z Tunes resource of recordings and visual aids".  This will take you to a page which will ask you to put in your username and password.  These details will be given to you when you wish to join us.  Please email jillyelliot@gmail.com for further details.